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After the Whistle - The Official Redskins After-Show Of Hogs Haven

As the official Redskins after-show at Hogs Haven, "After the Whistle" gives fans yet another opportunity to engage in postgame banter...without all the X's and O's that distract from the true sources of drama and entertainment.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It seems like all great television shows have a dedicated after-show, giving fans the ability to continue the discussion. I don't know of many better shows on television than "Redskins football," so I thought it only natural that we start an after-show.

"After the Whistle" is a segment of The Audible dedicated to treating one of our favorite television shows with the respect and dignity that all great programming deserves. There are plenty of chalk-talk shows after games on Sunday and Monday, so if you want to talk about why a receiver made his cut after five yards instead of after seven might not start with this show! Kevin, T and I gather in the basement on Tuesdays and--whilst channeling the Spirit of Sonny--we talk about the experience of being a Redskins fan.

This week, our favorite show is back on television. As we enter Season 83, and with the season premiere episode under our belt, our discussion turns to such important topics as:

  • pre-game activities, including tailgating, anthem rituals and Where Were You moments (like when you heard that RG3 was on the IR)
  • What We Saw on television is a biggie, as the camera tends to capture some amazing non-football-related footage
  • Unexpected storylines that seem to develop as if from nowhere
  • Character development is an interesting topic, because every character on the show has his own backstory, as well as multiple possible plot arcs. Of course Kirk Cousins is the lead in this show, but who were the surprise characters that we didn't have any idea were even going to be on the show? (Josh Doctson)
  • If it ain't fun to record, it ain't fun to listen to...and I can assure this was as fun a recording as we have done yet. There are some kinks to be worked out in the show, and going forward we are aiming for closer to the 40-minute mark.

Thanks for giving us a chance to be your official Redskins after-show. Next week, I will lead the show off with a post on Tuesday morning asking for your thoughts on the subject. I understand that this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it should be everyone's cup of whiskey.