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Saturday Slop: Top Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Jamison Crowder, Will Compton among Redskins X-Factor's for Monday | ESPN Redskins Blog

If the Steelers spend too much time worrying about how the others can beat them, the Redskins will have no problems turning to their slot receiver. Crowder caught 59 passes last season but wore down in the second half - and became less of a factor once Jackson returned from his injury. In the final seven regular-season games, Crowder caught just 17 passes.

Matt Jones says his shoulder is 100% for the opener | ESPN Redskins Blog

"But he's a tough guy and the reason why you like him you like his toughness," Gruden said. "He can play through a little soreness, which a lot of running backs do. It's just a way of life. You're going to be a little sore and he will be throughout the season and he's tough enough to deal with it."

Redskins expect a lot of Norman vs Brown but not exclusively | CSN Mid-Atlantic

What also helps Barry is the confidence the team has in Bashaud Breeland, who will be on the other side of the defense from Norman. Further, the entire secondary knows to watch for Brown at all times, but not zero in on him as to give other players better opportunities.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden reveals that Matt Jones has not been hit in practice | CSN Mid-Atlantic

Need to know: Redskins 2015 draft set high expectations | CSN Mid-Atlantic

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