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The 5 O'Clock Club

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

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Tuesday afternoon banter never felt so right. Every now and again, shouldn't the other side of the world get some #5OCC love? (Bill-in-Bangkok...don't answer that...haha).

We will be joined this evening by the gentlemen from The Whiskey Library to taste and discuss and taste some different kind of whiskeys. After that, we will engage in the spirited discussion (see what I did there?) of our favorite all-time "special players" for the Washington Redskins. There is no preset definition of what that can mean, so the conversation should be pretty fun.

Another discussion point for this thread: Spencer Long at the top of the left guard depth chart right now. StephenHart pointed out that I placed little meaning on Vernon Davis' #2 designation at tight end yet placed great meaning on Spencer Long's spot on the chart. Here's my thinking, and I thought I would get yours.

I think we are going to be playing with three tight ends a lot (and my Tom Compton humor has escaped a few folks, but we digress). Now, three tight ends might not always be on the field, but the second tight end is almost certainly going to change in and out. I think that with Jordan Reed firmly entrenched atop of the depth chart, the difference between #2 and #3 at tight end is far less than the difference between the starting left guard and the backup left guard. A good point made by many was that we would potentially be better off if Long can beat out Kory Lichtensteiger at center. I don't disagree with this at all, except that Kory is the Reed Doughty of Centers (I swear this was fixed yesterday almost immediately...hahaha). I feel like the coaches value the trust they have in Kory's snapping ability way more than the size Long would give us in the middle of the offensive line--possibly even more than the overall look of a line with Shawn Lauvao at left guard and Long at center. Long and Lauvao (sounds like a great real estate agency) would be a great look for us, but Kory has the trust and experience. In my opinion, someone has to knock him off the spot in a splashy way. I don't know that they would sit Kory for someone who was just about as good as him.

Finally, are we at all worried about this Josh Norman TV deal? I will thoroughly enjoy hearing him spout off, but he is going to have to face some tough receivers this year. I would hate for him to give his opponents a weekly source of verbal motivation.