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SB Nation’s 2016 NFL Preview!

Football is back!

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, SB Nation puts out an extensive preview of the upcoming NFL season. You can find this year’s version here. To see the Washington Redskins page, click here.

On the Redskins team page, you’ll find a Q&A SB Nation did in conjunction with Hogs Haven. Here’s a preview:

Matt Jones now has the keys to the backfield after Alfred Morris left in free agency. He has a more diverse skill set than Morris, although fumbles were a big concern in his rookie year. What’s a reasonable expectation for Jones this season?

Coming out of college, Matt Jones was dinged by scouts for his hand size. His hand measurements fell just short of the range that scouts preferred — hand size having a direct correlation to the potential for fumbles. Assuming he meaningfully addresses these problems, Jones’ role in 2016 could be huge. He is a far better pass catcher than Alfred Morris, and Jay Gruden loves to throw to his running backs. Jones has speed and power, allowing him to wreak havoc once he has cleared the first level of the defense. A reasonable expectation for him should be 800 to 1,000 yards on the ground.

You’ll find all kinds of information and opinions about Jay Gruden, the NFCE, Kirk Cousins, our revamped (and quite frankly, bad-ass) starting CB tandem, season predictions, and much more Redskins-related content.

So, after taking all of that in, the question for you guys is, how many wins for the Washington Redskins this year? Give us your answer and reasoning in the comments.

There’s also a really great Predictions/Awards page. Who (if anyone) from the ‘Skins got screwed?

Also, what do you think of the previews for the other teams in the NFCE? I mean, the Cowboys guy actually predicted they’d go 10-6... without Tony Romo... That’s laughable. Isn’t that team like 1-13 in the past two seasons without Romo?

There are even a ton of great features including a couple that really relate to our Redskins:

Finally, there’s a nice page put together focusing on every team’s breakout player for this year. For the Redskins, apparently some guys breakout later than others... all they need is a chance.