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Jay Gruden Presser: Redskins Roster Cutdown Day

Gruden talks roster cuts, “go time” for Josh Doctson, and more

Washington Redskins v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Paea/Riley cuts:

Final roster spots:

Josh Doctson:

Robert Kelley:

“He is one of the guys that – you’re right – we didn’t know a whole lot about him. He was a free agent from Tulane, didn’t have a lot of yards as a halfback and fullback at Tulane. Didn’t get a lot of opportunities but really came in here and with the injuries that we had and the lack of players that we had at that back position from time to time, he got the reps. And when you get the reps, [there are] two options – you can take advantage of them or you don’t, and he took advantage of them. Made great cuts, had great vision, we could see that on the inside runs and some of the outside runs he had good patience, protected the ball and he’s caught the ball well. But the big thing with him is how quickly he picked up the protections. That’s not easy for a back. There is so much, they have to listen to the quarterback and the center and we change them at the line often and he’s got to be on top of his game and he’s been that.”

Matt Jones:

“Oh yeah, Matt is our No. 1 back. We fully anticipate him being ready.”

Offensive playcalling:

“Yeah, Sean [McVay] has got the mic. You know, he’s talking to quarterbacks, so he’s calling the plays. We have input throughout the week as far as our play sheet and our preparation is concerned, you know, so we have our list ready to roll. So, when the situations arise, we’re going right off that list and we’re ready to roll based on our preparation of the game. But he’s got the mic.”