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Redskins vs. Bills - Tyler's Takes

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins third preseason game against the Buffalo Bills started out rather slowly, and had some really sloppy play before Cousins and the offense started to click. That is somewhat to be expected for a guy who had attempted just 5 passes so far this preseason. But, once the offense settled down, the show began.

Here are some thoughts and observations from the action Friday night.

1st Quarter
- Redskins opened the game in a 4-3
- Kerrigan pressured Taylor, and just missed sack; Hood cleaned play up
- Smith un-touched off the edge. Forces incomplete pass
- Great defense on 3rd down. Bills stopped short by Hall

- Kelly with a nice run. Gets first down behind Scherff and Moses
- Kelly with nice blitz pick up, but Licht called for holding
- Poor pass by Cousins to the right sideline that gets picked off

- Good defense in the endzone by Norman to break up pass to Woods

*FG by Carpenter is good

- Kelly with nice gain behind Long, who makes nice block at second level
- Reed drops slant from Cousins. Another nice blitz pickup by Kelly
- Jackson gets first down on comeback route to right sideline
- Grant drops a ball that was high and slightly behind him from Cousins
- Moses gives up inside pressure for a sack on Cousins, but a personal foul penalty gives Redskins a first down
- Garçon drops easy pass that would have resulted in first down

*Hopkins misses 55 yard FG

- Smith with great penetration on run; makes play in backfield for loss
- Norman disrupts another pass attempt resulting in a punt

- Catch made by Grant for first down, but penalty by Ty Nsekhe brings gain back
- Kelly takes draw for 10 yards. Comes up short of first

*Way with a 56 yard punt

- Preston Smith with another great play behind the LOS on run to left
- Defense was gashed up the gut for a big gain(3rd big run up the middle this quarter)

2nd Quarter
- Compton shoots gap, and gets RB in backfield for loss
- Hall stops TE short on 3rd down(Hall playing very well)

*Carpenter hits 52 yard FG

- Cousins underthrows Jackson down right sideline
- Kelly turns corner and picks up 9(shows pretty good speed)
- Reed drops would-be first down(second drop of game)

- Hood with nice tackle for loss on run play

*Ross muffed a punt - Dunbar luckily recovered it(and gets injured on play)

- Lauvao misses block on LB who makes play for a loss
- Jackson with huge catch and run on crossing route(39 yard gain)
- Kelly with nice run round right end, with nice block from Ty Nsekhe but Licht gets called for holding on the play
- Cousins and Grant hook up for 38 yard TD - Kelly and offensive line did nice job handling blitz

- Ion-Man gets pressure on Manuel and almost gets sack
- RJF with sack on Manuel. Uses hands to beat guard

- Cousins to Reed on outside, who makes some guys miss and gets first down
- Cousins intercepted off deflected pass, but Bills are called for holding in the secondary
- Cousins misses on quick screen to Grant
- Bills bring the blitz and get to Cousins, but are called for roughing the passer giving the Redskins the first down(poor call)
- Kelly for nice gain of 9 up the middle
- Garçon turns a short pass into a nice gain after breaking a tackle
- Kelly with good burst up the middle; gains first
- Cousins hits Reed on outside for easy 20 yard TD

- Spaight and Blackmon make tackle on TE and cause fumble. Redskins recover(Toller)

- Cousins hits Davis in middle of field for big gain
- False start by Ty Nsekhe
- Cousins hits Davis for another big gain, just as Licht is walked back into his lap
- Garçon catches corner route from Cousins for nice TD on beautifully thrown ball

- Ihenacho blitzes off right corner and misses Manuel who gains nice yardage

*Carpenter hits 52 yard FG

3rd Quarter
- Kelly with nice cut on run up the middle, but play called back for holding

- Cravens with nice run-fill
- Williams breaks through center of Redskins defense, breaks a tackle, and takes it for a 37 yard TD

- Brown with a nice run around left end. Nice block from Niles Paul
- Brown gashes the Bills up the middle for first down
- McCoy fumbles snap by Reiter
- Brown goes up middle again for 9 yards
- Brown stopped on 4th and 1

- Paea with great penetration and tackle for loss in Bills backfield
- Big hit and body slam by Ihenacho

4th Quarter
- Cravens misses sack opportunity. Bills still forced to punt

- McCoy hits Paulsen for 30 yard pass from own endzone
- McCoy goes to Paul on crosser, but comes up short

- Spaight and Ion-Man combine for nice stop on run to left
- Fuller with great tackle to hold Wilder for no gain
- Bills convert 4th down
- Garvin with tackle for no gain