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Redskins Fantasy Football Debate - How Do You Back Up Matt Jones?

In fantasy football drafts around the globe, fantasy owners are facing a Matt Jones quandary.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Just a quick fantasy football question this Tuesday morning (somewhere), as we are wading into the deep end of the draft season. As always, that comes with a link to our fantasy football partners over at Yahoo--start or join a league here. This is a two-sided question, offering something for both the dynasty and seasonal player.

If you own Matt Jones in a dynasty league, or if you have taken Matt Jones in the first two rounds of a draft that occurred prior to his injury, what is your plan to deal with his situation? I own him in a dynasty league, and I had zero intention of backing him up prior to his injury. I left that draft owning Rob Kelley, which was not my plan a week ago.

Certainly part of the thinking here depends on what you think about the Washington rushing attack. If you think that no matter who they put in the backfield, they will enjoy success, than surely you want that second-stringer. If you aren't that sold on the running game in D.C., you are more likely to back up a different player on your roster. I am not quite sold myself, but outside of Gio Bernard and David Johnson, I have no other quality runners. I drafted Kelley with the hope that either him or Jones would start and give me a solid option.

As you all know, this is just scratching the surface of the debate--and there is no shortage of comparable debates around the league. Today is as good a day as any to think out loud on these matters.