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Redskins Player's ESPN Fantasy Projections

Will Kirk Cousins be a top 5 fantasy quarterback this season?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Now a days, we all seem to play fantasy football. Some fans shy away from drafting players from their favorite teams, while others relish the opportunity to grab their squads stud(s).

Here are the projected fantasy stats on Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins, and his sidekicks, from ESPN for the 2016 season:

Kirk Cousins

ESPN Fantasy Projection: 4,550.8 yards, 29.7 TDs

4500 passing yards is a lofty number, especially for a second year starter, but ESPN brings up some good point to justify the numbers. They cite the Redskins extremely talented receiving corps, including fantasy stud Jordan Reed, and Cousins familiarity with the offense, as reasons why they think he can hit these numbers.

Matt Jones

ESPN Fantasy Projection: 936.7 rushing yards, 5.2 touchdowns

DeSean Jackson

ESPN Fantasy projection: 980.7 yards, 4.5 touchdowns

Pierre Garçon

ESPN Fantasy projection: 579.1 yards, 4.4 touchdowns

Jamison Crowder

ESPN Fantasy projection: 467.7 yards, 3 touchdowns

Josh Doctson

ESPN Fantasy projection: 540.7 yards, 4.1 touchdowns

Jordan Reed

ESPN Fantasy Projection: 932.8 yards, 8.5 touchdowns

So, where do you see Cousins and company finishing the season?

Give us your over/under prediction on both yards and TD's in the comments section for the players listed above, and the reason you chose each.


- How would you personally rank Cousins in terms of all fantasy QB's this season?

- Who is the Redskins most valuable fantasy player?

- Is there a player not mentioned above, who you think could eclipse the total of someone on this list at the same position?

- Which Redskins players, if any, will you be targeting in your fantasy draft?