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Sunday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day!

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Preston Smith's hands, Kyle Fuller's competitiveness stand out | ESPN Redskins Blog

Linebacker Preston Smith continued his almost-there plays, where he gets close enough to cause pressure but that's about all. He'll benefit quite a bit from the secondary's ability to cover, assuming they play as the Redskins hope. Smith could use that extra three-tenths of a second to finish plays; if he doesn't get it, then there could be a lot of almost plays this year. Smith has a harder time winning with just speed off the edge; it's hard for him to get that low.

Redskins run game showed positives vs Jets; Vernon Davis' blocking helps | ESPN Redskins Blog

Another topic I'll address later but will mention here: Vernon Davis' blocking. Over the last year, Davis has worked more on this aspect of his game. He does an excellent job getting his feet and his head in proper position, and he has the strength to hold the block. There were a couple runs Friday where if he (or, say, receiver Jamison Crowder) doesn't get his block, the play blows up. That's what happened too often last season, and it's the difference good tight end blocking can make.

Should the Redskins look at what's available on the trade market for RB | CSN Mid-Atlantic

When a fourth-year pro is the most experienced player at a position group, it's clear that group lacks experience. That's the case with the Redskins at running back, where Chris Thompson is the veteran of the group and second-year man Matt Jones is the starter.

Need to know: 5 players on the roster bubble | CSN Mid-Atlantic

Redskins QB Nate Sudfeld overcomes 'juvenile mistakes' to finish strong | CSN Mid-Atlantic

"There were really about two plays I wish I didn't do," Sudfeld said of those first 10 pass attempts. "My first or second drive a guy got one hand on it, almost picked it off. I really should have checked it down. We had run like four plays in a row and I was itching to throw the ball and I didn't want to check it own. So juvenile, I needed to check it down, throw it to who was open. I was trying to fit it in a nice throw but when I threw it I knew I kind of forced this one."

Positives and negatives from the Redskins first two preseason games |