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Redskins Vs. Jets - Tyler's Take

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night's game saw plenty of the Redskins starters get the night off, including birthday boy Kirk Cousins. This gave the Redskins coaching staff some quality evaluation of some of the back-ups in key situations against many the Jets starters early on. The results were mixed, as both teams looked sloppy early on, but the Redskins managed to put enough points on the board to hold off the Jets at the end to preserve the victory.

Here are some of my observations from the game.

- Great pass from McCoy to Crowder on third down to convert the first
- McCoy converts another short pass to Crowder for first down
- Crowder takes a swing pass for a TD, but it gets called back for offensive PI
- McCoy with a horrible pass into endzone that gets intercepted
- Grant did a nice job getting open on the long drive; had a few nice receptions

- Baker with nice stop on run up the middle. Gain of just one

*Crowder muffed the punt; Skins recovered

- Nice blocks by Scherff and Moses on run to the right by Jones
- Jones comes back with nice gain to left off nice block by Long
- Scherff with good block into second level to spring Thompson for nice run
- McCoy with amazing spin to elude defender in backfield - gets first down
- McCoy hits Davis with nice pass in the middle - gain negated by illegal motion
- Long again with a nice reach block at C - looking good so far in 1st quarter

2nd Quarter
- Chris Thompson gets destroyed trying to block L Williams on an inside stunt; McCoy gets sacked - missed assignment by Long at center led to the mismatch

- Bruton stiff-armed by Powell, who goes for decent gain around left end
- Spaight fights off block, and makes tackle on run to the left - nice work shedding block
- Spaight creates fumble after catch in the middle of field by TE. Hall recovers the fumble.

- McCoy misses third down conversion on low pass to Paul
- Kelly stopped on 4th down and 1

- Slow fill and missed tackle by Spaight on run up the gut
- Reyes disrupts passing lane. Incomplete pass by Fitzpatrick
- Great pressure on 3rd down by Baker. Forces incomplete pass

- McCoy shows off complete noodle-arm as he misses Ross on Go-route
- McCoy hits Harris on crossing route for long gain, but Long was called for illegal hands to the face - result of play was a safety for the Jets(horrible call by Walt Coleman and his crew as Long had the jersey not the face mask)

- Great diving pass defense by Dunbar on medium out-breaking route
- Smith applies pressure on G Smith forcing incomplete pass - penalty called for intentional grounding

- Harris with nice catch on Dig route from McCoy
- McCoy with nice deep out for big gain to Ross
- McCoy hits Grant outside the pocket who gets ball down to 4
- McCoy hits Ross on fade route for TD

- Fuller gets called for holding against receiver on a pass attempt which gives the Jets a 1st down
- Blackmon with a great read on pass. Gets INT off Smith

- McCoy hits Ross on under-thrown ball in endzone for 39 yard TD

- Nice open-field tackle by Blackmon who holds receiver to minimal gain
- Spaight reads screen perfectly and blows up play
- Fuller with great play to knock down pass attempt
- Ihenacho stops Amaro short on 3rd down pass
- Incomplete pass on 4th

3rd Quarter
- RJF with nice tackle on on run up the middle
- Nice tackle by Fuller on TE in flat. Loses helmet on play
- Cravens gets pressure off edge. Incomplete pass

- Reiter with nice block at 2nd level, springs Marshall for 11
- Marshall shows nice burst on run to left. Comes up short of first

- Paea makes nice tackle on run coming down the line. Gain of just 1
- Paea and Jefferson combine for a sack on Petty

- Reiter gets beat at POA and allows his man to make tackle for no gain
- Sudfeld misses handoff. Marshall falls on ball in backfield

- Paea with pressure on Petty. Forces him from pocket, but pass is completed for 1st
- Jefferson applied pressure, but Petty got it off in time for a TD

- Marshall for nice gain of 9 on delay

4th Quarter
- Tress Way with a 74 yard punt

- Fuller gives up deep pass down left sideline
- Everett with huge hit across the middle. Pass was incomplete
- Garvin with big hit on run play
- Fuller with great open-field tackle to force a 4th down

*Jets FG attempt is good

- Reiter missed block at second level. Linebacker made tackle

- Harris called for PI on double move on the outside, but offsetting penalties bring the down back
- Great defensive play knocking pass down by Garvin
- Garvin gets pressure on blitz forcing incomplete pass

- Nice screen to Showers, but comes up short of first

- Everett with big hit on TE that causes a fumble. Garvin recovers for Skins

- Missed passes force a punt

- Harris in good coverage, but receiver makes great catch for TD on fade down the left side

- Showers with nice catch on crosser. Gets first down and more
- Sudfeld hits Thorpe who gains nice yards after the catch
- Thompson with amazing one-handed catch on perfectly thrown ball by Sudfeld to back corner of endzone for touchdown

*Thompson and Sudfeld connect on beautiful fade route for 2-point conversion

- Sack from Wakefield on Petty