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Sunday Slop: Top Redskins stories of the day

A look at the top Redskins news of the day!

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Matt Jones, Redskins not worried about rungame after lackluster opener | ESPN Redskins Blog

For Jones, that also means more chances to work on his pad level. One run Thursday stood out, when he ran a draw play in which he stutter-stepped as linebacker Sean Weatherspoon approached. When Jones tried to lower his shoulder, he had no power. In some ways, he was caught between the way he ran at Florida (upright) and the way he must run in the NFL.

Redskins CB depth evident as Dashaun Phillips and Greg Toler keep making plays | ESPN Redskins Blog

But it wasn't just him: Greg Toler continues to have a strong camp and made a big play Saturday. Actually, he made two of them. One play after Phillips intercepted the pass, Toler nearly did the same -- also intended for Ross (this time from Colt McCoy). The ball bounced off Toler's hands and linebacker Su'a Cravens intercepted. But the point was: Toler was in great position.

Preston Smith with a good start, but the Redskins want more | ESPN Redskins Blog

In Thursday's preseason opener, Smith had a strong showing and contributed in multiple ways. He shed a blocker and made a tackle inside the 5-yard line on his first series. He set the edge hard several times -- when linebacker Will Compton shot through a gap unblocked, part of that stemmed from Smith. He had driven the tackle back a yard and the fullback, aiming for Compton, had to veer off slightly to chip Smith. That enabled Compton to remain free.

Redskins Saturday practice report | CSN Mid-Atlantic

Cravens on his Redskins debut "So far, so good" | CSN Mid-Atlantic

On a couple of plays I did my job; there were some where I was out of position," Cravens admitted. "I just need to get more disciplined in my reads. Definitely a lot of work to go but so far, so good."