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Redskins DIY: Converting My $20 Beater Bicycle to a Burgundy and Gold Pimp Ride

Off-season is the best time to upgrade your team swag. I recently sanded and spray painted a Craigslist purchased bike. Here are pictures and steps of the process.

I know there's a lot of Redskins fans like myself that still bare some scars in between the Gibbs and McCloughan eras. I'm not reopening just them, just getting everyone in the mindset that I would go drastic measures to having the best Redskins gear without spending money at the team stores. It started with eBay and Etsy searches, but it actually became quite fun (and competitive) amassing the best, Redskins vintage gear. It wasn't hard to notice a lot of the die-hard Skins fans have the same mindset, especially our Redskins friends that tailgate with and around Ken and I at Fedex. I have to admit, I am coming around where at least I'll walk through the team store to check out the hats and sweaters.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is I thoroughly enjoy having anything unique when it comes to D.C. sports swag. When I moved down to the Carolinas earlier this year, the first thing I did was buy a $20 beater bicycle off Craigslist. By coincidence, it had a burgundy frame, so it didn't take long for me to realize in about a week I'd have a pimpin' Redskins bike. I keep two cans of gold spray paint at all times, mostly from spray painting my shoes for Skins games (or the every three years I attend a Notre Dame home game).

I'm not sure the before picture does justice of how bad this bike was/is. The Craigslist seller, a college bro, said its' name was "Rust Bucket" and guaranteed I could leave it anywhere in town without a lock as no one has ever attempted to steal this thing. So, with a 6-pack of beer,  four pieces of sand paper, a copper brush with some lemon water, and a can of gold spray paint, I went to work. Two hours later I was done.

Redskins DIY Bicycle

Comment below with your Redskins DIY projects either past or future.

In case you were wondering what Ken Meringolo's off-season DIY project is, his wife, Saint Megan, is currently putting on the final touches for his new Redskins tailgating shorts.

cooley short shorts