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Saturday Slop: Top Redskins stories of the day

A look at the top Redskins news of the day.

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NFC East: Q&A- Would your team trade your QB straight up for Eli Manning? | ESPN Redskins Blog

A year from now this question could be tougher to answer if you're the Redskins. Right now the answer is: Do you want the guy with two Super Bowls on his resume who is still playing well? Or do you want the guy you like, but you're not quite ready to pay him elite money since he has just one good season behind him? I even asked a few people in the league. One said he'd go with Kirk Cousins but the other two said they'd go with Manning. I think the Redskins would fall in with the latter group and would indeed go for Manning.

True or False: Spencer Long will start at LG this season | CSN Mid-Atlantic

I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that I am 100-percent confident that Long will be the Week 1 starter. He played well last year, not allowing a sack until the playoff game. His run blocking needed some work but that could be said of most of the line.

Redskins position preview: WR group best in the game? | CSN Mid-Atlantic

The emergence of Crowder and the selection of Doctson in the first round pushed Grant and Ross down the depth chart. The two receivers have very different issues in trying to earn more consistent playing time. Grant runs his routes precisely but he doesn't have the speed to separate from defenders. Ross has speed to burn but he has yet to master the intricacies of the position. Unless one of the undrafted rookies breaks through in a big they both should get the 2016 season to try to establish themselves as viable receivers.

Redskins position preview: Specialists | CSN Mid-Atlantic

The returner positions seem somewhat less certain. Crowder had a record-breaking season as a rookie slot receiver but saw his share of struggles as a punt returner, averaging just 5.3 yards per, last among qualified returners. Was it his inexperience? The blocking in front of him? A combination of the two? That's unclear. But we know this much: based on OTAs, it looks like Kotwica is going to give him another shot. Ditto for Ross, who ranked 11th in kickoff return average (24.4 yards per), including a 101-yard touchdown.