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Redskins Most Overrated Player

Since ESPN did their list of the most underrated players in the NFL on each team, selecting Chris Baker as their choice for the Redskins, I think it's fitting that we discuss the most overrated player on our team.

You will get no plug-ins from me here(not even a photo, haha), although most of you will easily be able to guess who my choice would be for this distinguished honor.

Tell us us who you feel is the most overrated player on the Redskins. Some things you can use to determine the criteria for this selection are draft selection vs production, salary vs production, or a player who may have performed at a high level for a season(s), only to see their play significantly drop off recently.

Of course, you may have your own set of criteria to determine who you feel is our most overrated player. However you choose to rate your choice, please tell us your selection, and why you chose that player in the comment section.