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Redskins Rookie Enemies: Ezekiel Elliott

Hogs Haven Takes A Look At Opposing Rookie Players This Season

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott, RB

School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG-10

College Experience: Junior | Age: 20

Height / Weight: 6-0 / 225 lbs

Draft Status

Projected: 1st Round | Actual: 1st Round (Pick 4) by the Dallas Cowboys

College Statistics

Player Overview

Well, Ezekiel Elliott said he wants to play for the Cowboys. He got his wish.

Elliott has elite level speed it helped him win 4 state championships in track and field, including the 100 and 200-meter dash and hurdles. He is so good at seeing the field in its entirety and finishing his runs. Mike Mayock says "Ezekiel Elliott is just about as fast sideways as he is forward". Elliott's lateral running ability and speed are unreal. It's allowed him to make many plays that would have resulted in negative yards into positive gains. He runs with great determination, confidence, and balance. He is considered the best overall running back in this class and I have to agree. He is the franchise running back in Dallas.

Recent News

How He Makes the Cowboys Better and Creates Problems for the Redskins

So I need to get this out of the way despite the criticism I may face. Elliot was a home run pick for the Cowboys. You could argue that he is the best all-around running back prospects to come to the NFL in years. The primary concern with Elliot is if the Cowboys will overwork him. There is some tread on the tires already after two prolific seasons at Ohio State. On paper the Cowboys addressed that concern when they signed former Redskin Alfred Morris and brought durability to the position outside of oft-injured Darren McFadden.

With a starting offensive line of Smith, Collins, Frederick, Martin, and Free the Cowboys have one of the best if not the best offensive line in football. Ezekiel Elliott will get to the second level and the Redskins need to be prepared at all times. The linebackers will have to step up and practice sound technique and remain disciplined when trying to take down Elliott. He has excellent lateral running ability and can definitely make space where there is none. There can be no half-hearted efforts or ankle diving tackles for Elliot will make his opponents regret it.

The quick development and maturation of a player like Su’a Cravens would help the Redskins quite a bit to help seal off the edge of the Cowboys running game and to stick with Elliot out of the backfield as our typical linebackers will have a disadvantage covering him on passing routes. Elliot isn’t invincible and we know the Dallas offensive line isn't either but the Redskins defense will have to function as a well communicating high functioning unit for all four quarters to not give up a big play against the rookie.