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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Dear America, Thanks! Love, Hogs Haven

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Happy 4th of July everyone. If you're in the D.C. area, you are likely getting more and more bummed out by the second as fireworks cancellations are rolling in thanks to the weather. Whether you're working today or not, I sincerely hope you are able to take a second for a private moment of thanks to be living in the greatest country on the planet.

2. Holiday Sixpacks are great places to handle family business, so I wanted to get some feedback on the 5 O'Clock Club. I think going forward, I will try and put the Sixpack out early on Monday mornings (non-holiday Mondays of course) instead of putting out two posts right around each other. I will gladly share the comments section with all those looking to circle up around the weekend's events. (If I don't have a Sixpack ready, I'll push out a 5 O'Clock Club thread.) In fact, I was hoping to adopt the comments section etiquette from the 5OCC (or just 5OC...this is an important decision y'all) for the Sixpack. As a reminder, each new comment thread should be carefully labeled in the subject so that anyone wishing to chime in can do so, as opposed to starting a new random comment independent of an ongoing chat.

3. This will help us each week as we attempt to turn the comments section into a podcast. On one hand, it will help us follow your thoughts and ideas, and can help us understand the feel of the room on any given topic. On the other hand, we can get a sense of what you do and don't want to talk about. It is our hope that some of you can and will want to follow in the footsteps of ih8dallas and join us on the show.

4. As we push through offseason podcast programming, we will have our second attempt at ranking all-time favorite Redskins tomorrow night. Last week, we did running backs. We eliminated John Riggins from the discussion as he was everyone's #1 guy. This week we will go the defensive route and talk linebackers. Remember--this isn't about who was the best, although that certainly factors into the discussion. This is all-time favorite...if you are going to deviate very far from the greatest players, you better have a good reason! We'll announce the automatic(s) at the top of the show, and then begin the process of justifying how high we all might be putting Lavar Arrington.

5. I had planned to write a whole #5 on the ongoing Kirk Cousins contract situation, because the text message chain between Tim and Kevin and I is on fire (we see you Keegin). Let me just say I am reserving a segment of tomorrow night's show to argue my point. There is plenty good to report on this, but we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't point out some of the more obvious...shortcomings of the Redskins' approach here.

6. Let's bookend it: have an amazing Fourth of July everyone. I appreciate you all, and we all appreciate those who serve our country with distinction and honor. Enjoy!