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The Sights and Sounds From Redskins Training Camp 2016

Action From Saturday’s PM Practice (7-30)

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As a Richmond resident, it’s pretty easy for me to get to training camp every year and I was able to make my way over there for a little over an hour yesterday (7-30) and take in the sights and sounds. I took a bunch of videos on my cellphone (like 40) and have uploaded them to YouTube for you all to enjoy and hopefully get a little look at our beloved Washington Redskins. I also took note of my observations. First things first, though. You can find all the videos on my YouTube channel at the link below:

I also took a few photos:

Scot McCloughan (and his injured hand)
Alex Rowsey
Jay Gruden Watching the WRs
Alex Rowsey
WR Group (DeSean Jackson Just Made a Catch)
Alex Rowsey
WR Group
Alex Rowsey
ESPN’s John Keim Taking in the Action
Alex Rowsey

Here’s what really stood out to me while I was out there yesterday:


  • Pierre Garcon is a beast. He led the WR group through all of their drills, didn’t drop a pass, and is much bigger and runs much more smoothly in person. He was quiet and kind of stayed to himself... seemed very focused. He was very impressive and not only led all the drills but was excellent in the little bit of scrimmaging action I saw.
  • DeSean Jackson stood out in a completely good way, too. The guy is unguardable. There’s no other way to put it. He burned every single person who tried him and got behind the defense with regularity. He’s crazy fast. He was having a good time and dancing around and keeping things loose. It looks effortless for him. He beat Josh Norman and D-Hall big time.
  • Jordan Reed is also unguardable. I don’t remember if I got a video of it, but D-Hall checked him during one-on-ones and Jordan absolutely abused him. The fans were oohing and ahhing when he really put the moves on Hall. He beat him easily for a TD. He doesn’t just burn people in one way. He has such a great combination of route running, fakes, speed, and then size and strength that he uses all of it, and did on that one play against Hall. Hall was like a gnat trying to stay around him and it really didn’t matter.
  • Kirk Cousins was a mixed bag while I was out there. I saw him through a few picks (at least 2-3 that I can remember) and one was just an incredible play by Trent Murphy to read the quick pass and jump up and get a pick-six at the line. There’s definitely a video of that. The crowd exploded for that one. Most of the time though, Kirk was on point. He hit Jackson, Garcon, Reed, and Crowder regularly and threw a good number of TDs, as well.
  • Trent Williams and Morgan Moses both jumped out. First of all, they’re insanely huge... especially Moses. Both guys dominated pass-rushing drills with TW usually going against Trent Murphy and Moses usually going against Kerrigan. Moses seriously just engulfs guys. It’s crazy to see.
  • Niles Paul and Martrell Spaight were getting after each other. Both guys are very aggressive and Paul in particular stood out while I was there. He was lining up everywhere from in-line, to FB, to the slot and he plays aggressive.
  • It’s almost cliche at this point, but Ryan Grant looked really good. Clinical route-running (seriously, I saw it, not just repeating it) and made quite a few nice grabs.
  • Colt McCoy was disappointing. He just wasn’t on point and threw a few picks. He also just flat-out missed on a lot of throws.
  • Chris Thompson got a ton of work with the first and second units. They seem to like him a whole lot.
  • Lichtensteiger and LeRibeus both struggled at C in pass-rushing drills. The big interior DL were kind of having their way with both of them. LeRibeus in particular had a couple of times where he just straight-up stood up and let his defender waltz right past him. The crowd was disgusted with it.
  • Nila Kasitati stood out at G in pass-rushing drills. He stone-walled his guy more times than not and looked real good. He was a crowd favorite (probably because of the hair).
  • Arie Kouandjio and Spencer Long were both mixed bags but both guys won their match-ups more times than not. Neither guy was perfect, but I was encouraged by what I saw out of them and I think the coaches were, too. They’re both big and win on strength.
  • Brandon Scherff got owned by Chris Baker on one play (that was the only real play he stood out to me on). The crowd was very impressed with Baker.
  • Marcel Jensen is HUGE! This cannot be overstated. Everyone kept talking about him and from what I saw, he caught everything. Seriously, he’s freakishly large looking and just thinking about tackling him hurts.
  • Logan Paulsen is also huge and a definite crowd favorite. He had a good day.
  • Jamison Crowder stood out for all the right reasons. He’s unguardable. His routes are so crisp and he’s so quick. I don’t know how he doesn’t break his own ankles, honestly. You could also clearly see he has the most potential out of the potential PRs. He looked great.


  • Bashaud Breeland is going to be incredible this year. Seriously, it was Breeland-Island out there. He made it look effortless and broke up a number of passes. He was staying with Garcon no problem and I also saw him check Crowder very well a time or two. Timing, instincts, speed, length, understanding... he really has it all.
  • Trent Murphy stood out for making an incredible pick-six at the LoS on Kirk Cousins. He was aggressive in pass-rushing drills going against TW and even though he pretty much never won, he somehow still looked good. Both faster and stronger than I thought. I think he could have a very good year and I don’t hold losing to TW regularly against him.
  • Greg Toler was really on yesterday, too. He plays very physical and put a few WRs on the ground before they could get further than five yards off the LoS. He did a good job staying in the WR’s hip pockets and breaking up passes and even had an INT or two. It was a good day for Toler.
  • Spaight stood out as being especially aggressive and physical.
  • Houston Bates really struggled in pass-rushing drills though, again, he went up against TW a lot. He has a lot of hustle, just don’t know how much talent. Definitely the kind of guy you think about and want for STs, just don’t know about his future as a pass-rusher on defense. Still he was the starting OLB opposite Kerrigan today as Preston Smith wasn’t here (funeral). He popped Spaight real good in the one video I got and the crowd collectively yelled out when you could hear their pads crack against each other. Bates put Spaight on his butt.
  • Matt Ioannidis is a stud. He was beating all of the interior OL on pass-rushing drills with regularity. He looked really good.
  • Stephen Paea also jumped out in those drills for his speed and quickness. You could see the strength too, but the quicks really jumped off the page and surprised some OL. He would have had a sack or two. He really took Spencer Long to school once.
  • Kendall Fuller looked pretty good even though Crowder burned him more times than not and made it look pretty easy. The crowd could be heard encouraging Fuller and letting him know he’ll get better and let him know that checking Crowder is a very tall task. He looks crazy quick, though; kind of like the defense version of Crowder. That match-up well and I think going against Crowder is going to be great for the rook.
  • Chris Baker had his way more times than not. He’s a bonafide stud.
  • Kedric Golston looked surprisingly spry and quick. He beat Licht a time or two and would have had a sack. I was much more impressed with him than I expected to be.
  • Another guy who stood out on the interior DL was Jerrell Powe. Maybe it was just that our interior OL was a little off today? Not sure, but I remember seeing that big body in the backfield at least once or twice.
  • D-Hall had some high highs and some low lows. Jordan Reed took him to school and he couldn’t really stay with D-Jax. Still, there was one play where he blanketed Vernon Davis perfectly and came up with an easy pick. Most of the action I saw him in was one-on-one drills that seemed more appropriate for CBs. I’m glad he’s a S for us now and think he’ll be better there than if we kept him at CB.

Here’s the link for the YouTube videos one more time. Enjoy!