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Sunday Redskins discussion topics

A look at a couple interesting topics for discussion about the Redskins.

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As always feel free to talk about other links, rumors, or stories in the comments!

1. Who will lead the Redskins in sacks this year and how many players will get 10 or more sacks?

- The Redskins have a good problem to have as they enter camp with three quality edge rushers who each have the potential for 10 or more sacks. Junior Galette had 10 and 12 sacks in the two years prior to last season being injured, while Ryan Kerrigan tallied 13.5 sacks two years ago. Preston Smith didn't break the 10 sack threshold as a rookie, but he notched 8 in the regular season and one more in the playoffs in less than full-time work.

Galette has the most natural speed, quickness and bend, while Kerrigan has the most consistency, strength and favorable match-ups vs right tackles. Preston Smith is kinda of a combination between the two, but he could lose the most snaps to Galette. The Redskins will find ways to have all three rushing the QB at the same time, but there will be plenty of situations where they can only have two of them, and in those cases it is likely that it will be Kerrigan and Galette. Overall though Kerrigan figures to see the most snaps so I think he has his 2nd season over 10 sacks, with Galette and Smith likely falling just short of the mark.

2. Who should be the starting inside linebackers this season?

-Currently the Redskins have Perry Riley, Will Compton and Mason Foster with starting inside linebacker experience with free agent Terence Garvin, 2nd year Martrell Spaight and rookie Steven Daniels behind them. Also rookie 2nd round pick Su'a Cravens could be a wild card. While right now he's considered a bit of a tweener SS/ILB and he lacks a clearly defined position, he could end up taking a lot of nickel and dime linebacker snaps. Given how often the Redskins are in a subpackage, if he ends up with a full-time role in those units he might end up as one of the ILB snap leaders.

Riley struggled last year and due to injury he only played 7 games last year and while he could be given another starting shot, but Compton and Foster played decently last year and both could push to be the start again this year. What could happen is that Compton plays early/running downs with Foster starting opposite him and Cravens could replace him in subpackages.