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Saturday Slop: Top Redskins news of the day!

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day!

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Steelers will remain tough for the Redskins even without Le'Veon Bell | ESPN Redskins Blog

Still, backup running back DeAngelo Williams produced four 100-yard games during all of Bell's absences -- including 127 vs. the Patriots -- and finished the season with 907 yards rushing. Williams is 33 and might not hold up over a long stretch, but for one game he can still produce; the Steelers also have Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Film review: What goes on beyond Junior Galette's sacking ways | Breaking Burgundy

It also begs the question how will the trio of Kerrigan, Smith and Galette be used. Many think they'll kick Preston Smith inside on passing downs but that's not necessarily the case. There are a bunch of creative formations that get them all on the field and I'm sure we will see them soon. The thing about Smith and Galette is they have both shown the most valuable asset a pass rusher can have: beating left tackles. That is what gets you paid and the Washington Redskins currently have two good ones.

Over/Under: Kirk Cousins numbers in 2016 | CSN Mid-Atlantic

El-Bashir: As I've said, the Redskins' roster appears to be geared toward a pass heavy offense this season. To me, selecting Josh Doctson in the first round ended any doubt about that. I'm expecting Cousins' attempts to increase to 600 or so (from 543) and, as a result, for the yards to pile up a bit higher. I think 4,300 - 4,500 sounds about right. Last season, that would have put him in the top-7 (as opposed to 10th). Over

Kirk Cousins has the same odds of winning the 2016/2017 MVP award as Mark Sanchez | CSN Mid-Atlantic

Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Tannehill, David Johnson, Alshon Jeffrey, Le'Veon Bell and Sam Bradford also check in at 150/1. Some of those names, like Jeffrey and Bell, should makes Redskins fans feel good, since they're both premier players at their position. But others, such as Sanchez and Bradford? Yeah, not so much.