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Ranking All-time Favorite Wide Receivers/Tight Ends and Defensive Backs

The Audible (the Official Redskins Podcast of the Washington Redskins) is officially on iTunes, but Hogs Haven readers can always tune in right from their favorite Redskins site. Before the seasons starts, let's argue about who our all-time favorite Redskins are at wide receiver/tight end and defensive back.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The Official Redskins Podcast of Hogs Haven is available on iTunes. Listen to The Audible throughout the season to get our spin on the drama, excitement and drama (did I mention drama?) of yet another awesome Redskins season. We'll be featuring our writing staff, local beat reporters and the players themselves as we take the roller coaster ride all the way to the Super Bowl.

There are few things better to do in the offseason--and on a Friday--than debate our favorite all-time Redskins. Tim, Kevin and I have been flipping between offense and defense each week, and have already covered running backs and linebackers. As much as we love talking about players like John Riggins, Darrell Green and Art Monk, we have decided that prior to building out a top five list, we will eliminate consensus #1 players and all-time greats. After all, it gives us extra spots to move guys into the conversation that would otherwise be on the outside looking in. Finally, these lists are designed to be our all-time favorite, not necessarily a debate on who the best players are or were.

Here is our stab at our all-time favorite wide receivers/tight ends. Art Monk was immediately given his rightful place to the side of this list, as he was a consensus #1 on all of our lists. I was feeling pretty guilty about not including Chris Hanburger on my list when we covered linebackers, so I felt compelled to give Charley Taylor the same nod we gave Art Monk. The effect of this was that two huge spots opened up on all of our lists. Rod Gardner, Michael Westbrook and Albert Connell all got mentions, but not necessarily the kind of mentions that they would completely appreciate. We decided to group the wideouts and the tight ends together to be able to fit this series in before the season starts. Let us know where we got it right and, you know...where we got it very, very wrong.

Not bad for a Monday night recording. But we came back this week and did a second show to squeeze in those defensive backs. This covered all cornerbacks and safeties, and the debate about who to give the respectful nod to came down to the obvious: Darrell Green. This might have been the debate that had the most differences between us. I did manage to sneak in an all-time great onto my list that Tim and Kevin couldn't find room for on theirs. My guess is that you guys will have the most disagreements with the players who locked in spots on our lists at this position group.

Thanks for listening, and become a subscriber to The Audible on iTunes. You'll recognize the podcast picture--although I will be changing that up at some point. The free subscription will allow you to automatically pull in our shows all season long, and who among you wants to miss The Official Redskins Podcast of Hogs Haven? (Don't answer that.)