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Redskins Rookie Enemies: Rashard Higgins

Hogs Haven takes a look at rookies the Redskins will encounter this season.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Rashard Higgins, WR — Cleveland Browns

School: Colorado State | Conference: MWC

College Experience: Junior | Age: 21

Height / Weight: 6-1 / 198 lbs

Drafted: 5th Round, 35th pick (#172 overall)

NFL Comparison: Roddy White

College Statistics

Rashard Higgins stats

Player Overview — Original Profile

Rashard "Hollywood" Higgins is yet another example of a player who doesn't have dominant physical traits but excels on the field. He's built well, though he could stand to add a little weight, and he has above-average receiver-specific traits: He catches the ball away from his body, he doesn't shy away from hits, he runs crisp routes and creates separation, and he can win in the air. A disappointing performance at the Combine didn't help scouts who are already concerned about the significant drop from his other-worldly 2014 season to his quite good 2015 season, but a strong showing at his Pro Day could help rejuvenate his stock.

The Hollywood nickname comes from his boisterous personality, but we're not talking Deion Sanders, Terrell OwensRichard Sherman or even DeSean Jackson — we're talking maybe Cam Newton, if that. He celebrates when he or his teammates play well more than he talks trash.

Where He Can Hurt The Redskins

Rashard Higgins is a player who can immediately help an offense, as a 6-foot-1, 198-pound frame is useful at any level. However, I don't think the Browns are the right team, and not just for all the obvious reasons the Browns usually provide. Rather, it's because he'll have to beat everybody and their cousin out for a chance to compete in a game. Cleveland drafted four wide receivers, and it added tight end Seth Devalve, who used to be a wide receiver — Higgins was drafted dead last among those five players.

That said, Higgins has experience in a pro-style offense, he has excellent hands, he's an above-average route-runner and he has fantastic body control. In other words: He can catch. He's also confident enough in his own abilities to win some points with the coaching staff, and — this is purely conjecture — he seems like the kind of personality that would mesh well with Robert Griffin III. By the time of a Week 4 matchup against the Redskins, Higgins might have been able to establish himself as a useful part of the Browns offense, but it will certainly be an uphill climb.