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Washington D.C.'s Game of Thrones Cast--Kirk Cousins is WHO?

Which Washington D.C.-area athletes match up best with Game of Thrones characters?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It may be true that winter is coming, but not yet. Right now, we remain mired in a long summer offseason for both our Washington Redskins and our favorite show, Game of Thrones. I know not everyone is a GoT fan on this site, but most of you are, so we decided to compare Redskins (and a few other DMV-area sports personalities) to their possible GoT equivalents.

We don't dig through major plot points and storylines, but this podcast certainly does assume that you are aware of where characters are in the show--as well as whether or not each character is alive or dead. If you don't watch the show, you still might find it fun because we do attempt to psychologically break down our favorite players in order to match them up with the right character. Some of the realizations we come to can be enjoyed regardless (irregardless, even) of your knowledge of the show.

Perhaps some bullet points might entice you?

  • Is Max Scherzer too ballsy to be compared to Varys (a eunuch)?
  • "Sam Tarly killed a White Walker in a contract year!"
  • It took some thinking, but I think we nailed the Jack Kent Cooke/Tywin Lannister comparison. I simply don't buy the Mike Shanahan link.
  • The Mother of Dragons and Jon Snow get the proper attention and thoughtfulness they deserve. Key to my process here: "Kirk Cousins is a better leader than Bryce Harper."
  • Jayson Werth is a great Tormund, but which Redskin would make the best Tormund?
  • Which DC general manager gets matched up with the shot-callers in GoT? Would you rather McLovin be compared to Littlefinger or Tyrion?
  • Is Stephen Strasburg more Arya Stark or Jaime Lannister (he of the golden hand)?
  • All you Olympic swimming fans, even Katie Ledecky gets involved in this show.
  • Are Eagles fans really like the people of Mereen?