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Redskins Rookie Enemies: Emmanuel Ogbah

Hogs Haven Takes A Look At Opposing Rookie Players This Season

Oklahoma State v Florida State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Emmanuel Ogbah, EDGE

School: Oklahoma State | Conference: BIG 12

College Experience: Junior | Age: 22

Height / Weight: 6-4 / 273 lbs

Draft Status

Projected: Late 1st - Early 2nd | Actual: 2nd Round (Pick 32) by the Cleveland Browns

Original Profile

College Statistics

Player Overview

Emmanuel Ogbah is a supremely talented pass rusher. When the QB is in his sights and he has a clear lane he closes quickly and finishes violently. Ogbah has a track record of production at Oklahoma State but what I saw on tape doesn't match up with the production. Nothing is more frustrating than watching a player that has the ability to wreck the opposing offense nearly every play not do it for lack of trying. That's Ogbah. He has the speed, power, and quickness to just embarrass offensive lineman but he doesn't apply it nearly as much as he should. He is wildly inconsistent, some plays no one can stop him he's too strong, too quick, too violent and he makes the quarterback have a bad day. On other plays it seems like he's not even trying to get off the tackle or get to the ball.

Ogbah gets lost in the scrum entirely too often and lacks the consistent use of awareness and instincts that he occasionally flashes. Should have dominated lesser competition he played this year. If he doesn't beat the lineman quickly he'll get statuesque and doesn't use his hands nearly enough. He lacks the effort and pursuit that elite and tough pass rushers have.

He's a guy that plays at 60% effort for 75% of the game. I can't imagine the statistical numbers he would have put up at Oklahoma State if he left it all on the field every game.

Recent News

How He Makes the Browns Better and Creates Problems for the Redskins

The season-ending injury to Desmond Bryant creates and interesting situation for the Browns this offseason. Early depth chart predictions have the Browns third round choice Carl Nassib next in line to start at defensive end but the Browns are likely to test out Ogbah at that spot as well. The two players have somewhat similar physical profiles with Ogbah being the better athlete off the edge – when he wants to of course. The good news for the Redskins is that they are likely to face a rookie at that position come week one. Whether it's Nassib or Ogbah shouldn't make much difference to Trent Williams or Morgan Moses.

In the event Ogbah doesn’t start at defensive end he’s likely backup and/or compete with Paul Kruger for the outside linebacker spot opposite of Barkevious Mingo. The NFL might not get a gage on Ogbah for a couple years as he plays super cold at times and seemingly gets hot when he wants too. The Redskins offensive line only need to stonewall him a few times to get into his head to take him out of the game.