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No Deal: Kirk Cousins will play 2016 on Franchise Tag

There was reportedly no late push to sign QB Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal

Not many people actually expected this deal to get done, but it's now official, no long-term deal for Kirk Cousins this year. He will play the 2016 season on the franchise tag and earn $19.95 million this season. The Redskins were reportedly only offering him slightly more guaranteed money over the entire new deal, so it mad absolutely no sense for Cousins to sign now with only one full season starting, and a team that wants to see more.

If Mike Garafolo, and other previous reports are true, the Redskins offered Kirk Cousins a deal that would pay him less than Brock Osweiler got from the Houston Texans($18mil/yr). Cousins now has this year to prove himself to the doubters in the fanbase, media, in the Redskins organization, and around the league. If he can repeat the production we saw last year, the Redskins should be happy to lock him up long-term. If they still can't come to terms, Cousins looks to pocked $24+ million for the 2nd franchise tag, or a lucrative contract if he is allowed to test the market.