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Romo's Biggest Chokes: The 2nd Half Lions Comeback

Hogs Haven goes back in time to remember some of Tony Romo's best choke jobs.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It's the middle of the off season and we're all looking for things to talk about.

During this lull in the NFL action, Hogs Haven will be looking back at some of our rival's finest moments.

Tony Romo will not be playing QB for the Dallas Cowboys for that much longer, so let's appreciate him before he's gone.

Today, let's go back to week four of the 2011 season.

It took less than two minutes into the first quarter for Matt Stafford to throw an interception and give the Cowboys the ball near midfield. Three minutes later Tony Romo and Dez Bryant hooked up for a 25-yard touchdown.

Next possession for the Lions...three and out in less than two minutes.

After Dallas drove all the way to the Detroit one-yard line, they were stopped on fourth down. Detroit had to punt back to Dallas, who responded with another Romo-to-Dez touchdown. Dallas up 14-0.

After another Detroit punt, Dallas kicked a field goal. Dallas up 17-0.

Detroit's only points of the half came off the ensuing drive. Stafford got the Lions to the Dallas 15, before kicking a 33-yard field goal. 17-3 in favor of Dallas.

With a minute and a half left to go in the first half, Romo gets the Cowboys in field goal range.

20-3 Dallas at the half.

Then the fun began!

To start the second half, Dallas returned the kickoff to midfield, getting excellent field position. Six plays later Tony and Jason Witten connected for a 1-yard touchdown. 27-3, Cowboys in the third quarter. Game over, right?


Seemingly lifeless, Detroit punted to Dallas again. It seemed hopeless.

But with Tony Romo, there is always hope.

On the first play after the Detroit punt, the amazing happened.

Tony Romo threw a pass intended for Dez Bryant. PICKED! Bobby Carpenter (wtf) returns it 35-yards for the score.

Dallas up 27-10. Still a comfortable lead in the 3rd quarter.

The next drive started with the Dallas run game going strong. Tashard Choice for seven. Then for six. DeMarco Murray then ran for four. Tony then threw a six-yard pass and DeMarco ran it for another short gain. Then, on 3rd and 2.


Chris Houston goes 56-yards for the score.

27-17 Dallas. Still a 10-point lead, no need to sweat.

Dallas collected themselves and drove all the way to the Lions' 5-yard line and kicked a field goal.

30-17 Dallas. Feels good, right?

Then the 4th quarter and Calvin Johnson happened.

Less than two minutes into the 4th, Stafford hits Megatron for a 23-yard score, making it 30-24, Dallas still  up.

After exchanging punts, the Lions kicked a field goal, making it 30-27, Dallas.

Dallas got the ball back with 4:22 left and a chance to ice the game. Instead, Romo Romo'd and threw his third pick of the day to linebacker Stephen Tulloch...on the first play of the drive, giving Detroit the ball on the Dallas 40.

With less than two minutes to go Stafford again hits Calvin Johnson for the score.

After being down 27-3, Detroit went ahead of Dallas 34-30 with time running out.

Dallas never got it past midfield. Game over. Everyone drive safe.