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Ranking the Greatest Redskins Behind the Greatestest Redskins

Can the 2007 Redskins rank among the all-time favorite teams in a hotly contested debate about that and other important topics, like 80's sitcom actresses and which all-time great players are "givens" and therefore above any debate.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, we at The Audible engaged in the age-old art of ranking great...things. As always in such endeavors, we agree on the "givens" of any particular list. These are the Art Monk's, the John Rigginseseses and Darrell Greens. No need to debate their greatness, which allows us to turn our attention to many of those players that every single Redskins fan knows, but never get into these conversations because they fall cleanly behind the obvious greats. From there, the conversation turns to the endless amount of ways you can distinguish between players like Kelvin Bryant and Dave Butz, Brian Mitchell and Mike Nelms, Monte Coleman and Chris Samuels. In other words, this was probably the same conversation that takes place in bars, tailgates and family dinner tables across Redskins Nation on a daily basis.

Other bullet no particular order:

  • We wrap up the Mariel Cooper portion of the evening by putting in our two cents on the matter of "McLovin players" and why Cooper actually has a chance to win a job.
  • What criteria do you use to rank 80's sitcom actresses?
  • Is Sean Taylor an automatic"given?" (SPOILER ALERT: yes)
  • Which Redskins team would you rank higher: the '83 Skins or the '91 Skins? For my money, I am going '91 style, but that "83 team was legit.
  • Kevin and I split hairs between the 2012 Redskins season and the 2015 season...if you really think about it, these two seasons are extremely similar despite their glaring differences. It is kind of shocking actually how both of these seasons stood for the "beginning" of something...was that 2012 ride that Robert Griffin III took us on more fun than watching the McLovin Era take off in 2015?
  • Should teams from the 1930's be in our rankings? Tim remembers the '37 championship as if it was yesterday.