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How Joe Kerridge Can Make An Impact On The 2016 Redskins

Hogshaven takes a look at Redskins that have a chance to impact the team.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Kerridge, FB

School: Michigan | Conference: BIG 10

Years Pro: R | Age: 23

Height / Weight: 6-0 / 249 lbs

Projected Redskins Status: Cut before the final 53

College Statistics

Player Overview

Joe Kerridge wasn't ranked highly among fullbacks heading into the 2016 draft. Fullback is a disappearing position in professional football yet after watching Kerridge play I couldn't help but wonder why all the major college draft sites failed to write a profile on him. He was not used a lot at Michigan but when his number was called he made the best of it. Kerridge has average running ability more of a plodder than anything but he does run with power and is hard to bring down. At his pro day it was noted by Gil Brandt that he caught the attention of scouts because of his solid pass catching ability.

Where he really stands out is his blocking ability. He has a mean streak for sure and makes defensive players pay when they get in his way. From the tape I was able to watch it's clear he understands his blocking assignments and has enough athleticism and more than enough strength and power to sustain his blocks. He has the vision to take the correct angles when blocking and often times can be seen blocking to the whistle.

But where does he fit on the Redskins? All signs point to the Redskins moving away from the fullback position and using tight ends to run block or line up in the backfield occasionally. Darrell Young who was a good fullback for the skins for years was all but phased out of the offense last year so the signing of Kerridge is a bit puzzling. Is it possible that coaches are unsure or even disagree about the need for a fullback and that's why Kerridge was brought in?

Kerridge is a fun player to watch block. He reminds me of a poor man's Kyle Juszczyk. If he brings that type of intensity, consistency, and pass-catching ability to the NFL he can make an NFL roster it just may not be with the Redskins.


  • Very good blocker. He can move and lock onto his assignments often not giving up until the whistle.
  • Plays with a satisfying level of intensity and effort.
  • He has displayed a good pair of hands and looks to be a reliable target in the short pass game.


  • Wasn't used a lot offensively at Michigan so his sample size as an offensive weapon is small
  • Limited athletically may not ever possess "go-to" ability like the top fullbacks in the league (Juszczyk, Reese, etc).
  • Will have to display uncanny versatility to make this roster most likely.

Let's see his work:

How He Can Impact The Redskins

As I mentioned before Kerridge is really going to have to wow the coaches with some versatility if he's going to make the final 53 man roster. I really like him as a player and if I really believed the Redskins were looking for Darell Young's replacement at FB this would be a much more glowing review. Kerridge not only has a steep climb since the Redskins seem to be moving away from using a fullback altogether but because it looks like the Redskins could very well carry 4 tight ends on the roster this season. Jordan Reed and Niles Paul are obvious locks with the 3rd and 4 spots up for grabs between Vernon Davis and Logan Paulson. That's not counting Derek Carrier who will most likely be activated during the season.

If the Redskins plan on only using their fullback 2-4 snaps a game as they did last year I don't see the point of having one on the team at all. This is no knock on Kerridge rather my opinion on the highly unlikely situation that he contributes to the team at all because it's not in the makeup of the offense.