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Sunday Slop: Top Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

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Redskins sign cornerback Kendall Fuller to complete draft class | Washington Post Redskins

After losing his rookie season to concussion ILB Martell Spaight happy to be back with the Redskins | Washington Post

"It was just finally coming out here and being with the guys, competing and getting better every day," Spaight said. "It's no better feeling to have, and I really think that was my medicine as far as helping me get over everything. The more that I was around my teammates, the more that I felt like things were normal. The more that I sat home by myself, I felt like the stress, depression and all that other stuff came in. I think the team really helped me out a lot, me just being here. I'm thankful to that."

Need to know: Injury to Doctson appears to be no cause for concern | CSN Mid-Atlantic

It doesn't seem that Josh Doctson's foot injury is anything to worry about. This group, like many teams out there, is ultra cautious when it comes to pushing players with even minor injuries at this time of year. They would rather have him watch now and not risk having him watching in July because the injury got worse. I don't have access to the medical reports but this seems to be something that we might not even hear about if it happened in October.

Barry on Su'a Cravens "he's a special one" | CSN Mid-Atlantic

"You can play him at inside backer," Barry added. "You can play him at outside backer, and rush him off the edge, or drop him into coverage. You can play him in the slot in a nickel position and do a bunch of things with him. So, right now, as a starting point, he's playing our weakside linebacker, which we call ‘Mo' in base [alignment]. And then he's playing our weakside linebacker in nickel, which we call the dime linebacker."