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UKRedskin Still Disagrees with Ken

The Audible stays international with Mark Bullock, aka UKRedskin.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Some things never change. Ha! Our very good friend Mark Bullock, aka UKRedskin, joined The Audible to catch us up on the Brexit, Kate Middleton and other Redskins-related topics. Mark and I agree on Jamison Crowder, but not so much on Kendall Reyes.

It was great catching up with Mark, who currently writes his Redskins content for The Washington Post. We very much appreciate his willingness to stay up very, very late to hang out with us.

In our second segment, dedicated to the Sixpack comments section, we did our first top 5 all-time favorite Redskin list. John Riggins was made ineligible and we started from there. It seems like bullet points would be wasted here. Ha!

As always, thanks for listening!