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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

This week, we take a second to review the ways in which Hogs Haven will be covering the Redskins this summer.

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
  1. At least once in June, we do a run-down of our content schedule at Hogs Haven here in the Sixpack. Today’s the day! This is not an exhaustive list of the coverage we intend to provide, but it does highlight our main features going forward through the end of the summer. We’ll revisit our coverage plans for the regular season later this summer. I welcome your feedback on any of these pieces that are already started, and equally welcome any suggestions you have to make what we do better. Your opinions matter most, and you have rarely held back, so thank you in advance for your contributions. I will throw out a debate question with each one to help stir the pot.
  2. As some of you have already seen, we will be running a 2016 Opponents post. We have pooled together information on the other teams in the league from the SB Nation sites and we will start doing some preview posts on those matchups. It’s never too early to start wondering what that Green Bay game is going to look like come November! I think a couple of the writers will work up some additional coverage around our divisional opponents, highlighting top players, coaches, schemes, rookies, etc. Speaking of, can Chase Daniel really beat out Sam Bradford for the starting spot in Philly this season? There are rumblings, I tell you. RUMBLINGS!
  3. At the core of our coverage year-round is…you guessed it: the profiles. Some may wonder why we love doing profiles so much. I pushed for this over the years for a very simple reason—I think it makes us smarter fans. I know everyone here doesn’t read every syllable of every profile, but my guess is that most people read just enough to digest one factoid or stat. For example, the Redskins drafted Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft back in 2009. Our profiles series was in its infancy (nowhere near the kind of information we provide today), but someone still dug up the fact that Jarmon was a theater guy. We had him on our podcast in 2010 and I asked him to do a scene from "A Few Good Men" and he proceeded to drop some Colonel Nathan Jessup on us. From then on, I have been a believer in the profiles content. At worst, it is a bunch of 40 times and bench press records you will quickly forget. At best, it is what will win you a gameday argument because you remembered something you read in our profiles. As a recovering idiot (who relapses on a daily basis), I will err on the side of having my site throw out too much information rather than too little (a bit heavy-handed to say at the moment given we aren’t putting out as many posts as we do in the fall). We have transitioned from profiling college draft prospects to profiling players on the Redskins roster today. Again, even if you are just glancing at this information, you will be surprised at what sticks in your mind come gameday. Staying with the divisional quarterback thread I started above with Chase Daniel, am I the only one who is worried about Dak Prescott? I didn’t think that McLovin would target him that early, but I did think he was the kind of player that could end up as a project for us if he last long enough (Cowboys took him in the fourth round). One thing we know is that every quarterback on the Dallas roster is destined to see the field at some point, and the truth is we won’t know if there is any "magic" there until Dak takes the field. I’m the kind of guy who thinks that most players just need to hit the ground at the exact right moment in order for success to find them. A young quarterback could do a lot worse than playing behind that Dallas offensive line…handing the ball off to Ezekiel Elliott…and throwing to Dez Bryant. I selfishly believe these are the educated thoughts of a Redskins fanbase that pays attention to most of the details.
  4. The other reason why these profiles come in handy is that we will be re-examining the write-ups of rookies that guys wrote in the hopes the Redskins would draft them. (I know this just sounds like a way for me to keep talking about Ryan Kelly, but really…it’s more than just that.) Our profiles team is going over their submissions and pulling out the ones they loved that are now playing for teams we will be facing this season. This raises the obvious question: which rookie were you most upset to see drafted by one of our divisional rivals? Even though we are pretty solid at wide receiver, I did not want to have to root against Sterling Shepard, the second round selection of the New York Giants. I think he is a pretty savvy player, and Eli Manning is a good enough quarterback to maximize his abilities.
  5. Since the Redskins are going to England this year to face the Bengals, I thought we would add the UK series, which is being captained by our Senior English Affairs Correspondent Sean Michael. This regular bit will continue all summer and lead us all the way up to our game across the drink. The Daily Slop and Sixpack will continue to be mainstays here, as well as our regular 53-man roster projections and other bread-and-butter features (fantasy angles, injury updates, etc.). How many people reading this are giving serious consideration to traveling for this game?
  6. The Audible will continue to lock down the sixth spot here and through the rest of the summer, will be contributing one all-time favorite Redskins Top 5 list each week. Each week, we will pick up the comments section of the Sixpack and turn it into a podcast segment. Tomorrow night, we will add our thoughts to the topics raised above, as well as our first Top 5 argument of the summer. First response on this gets to pick from the following categories: wide receivers/tight ends, running backs, quarterbacks, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, defensive backs and "special players."