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Saturday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Redskins' 1st down passing should produce more with improved line-up | ESPN Redskins Blog

I do know that they want Reed to remain the focal point of the passing game, with good reason. He's a tough matchup for any defense and he's worked his butt off in the offseason to improve. The other thing I feel safe in saying is that, as of now, if they go to three-receiver sets it would be Garcon, Jackson and Crowder. Yes, they could go with Garcon and Doctson with Jackson in the slot, but they loved how Crowder looked this spring. it's not just that he was catching passes, but rather the improvements they saw in his game -- getting off the line quicker, etc. Doctson will back up Garcon and Jackson. (If he plays better than one of them, he'll take their place. But I'm not anticipating that, at least not early in the season).

Redskins Callahan on Lichtensteiger: "we are fortunate to have him" | CSN Mid-Atlantic

"[Lichtensteiger] gets us in the right calls, and that's what you ask of your guy," Callahan added. "To make sure that, through all of the multiple looks [from the defense] that you're going to get, that he gets you into the right situation, gets you into the right scheme. Really, he's like the quarterback of the offensive line on the field."

Redskins position preview: Cornerbacks | CSN Mid-Atlantic

I'm pretty confident in the corners I've got making the 53. That doesn't mean things can't—or won't change—in Richmond. Injuries happen. And youngsters who lit it up in the spring sometimes wilt in the summer sun. But short of the unexpected happening, I suspect Norman, Breeland, Dunbar, Fuller and Phillips will be the five corners on the roster when the Steelers visit FedEx Field on Sept. 12.

Left Guard preview: Big competition at Redskins camp | CSN Mid-Atlantic

But sometimes finances force teams to deal with less depth than the coaches might like to. Long and Kouandjio, both of whom are playing on their rookie contracts, will both be on the roster regardless of who wins the starting job. The question is if the Redskins will be willing to keep Lauvao, who has a $5 million cap hit, on the roster if he is not the starter. It's going to be an interesting battle

Will the Redskins air it out more in 2016? | CSN Mid-Atlantic

For one thing, the Redskins' offensive talent is strongly tilted towards the air attack. It starts with Kirk Cousins, the $20 million franchise tag holder. The best overall player on offense is probably Jordan Reed, who broke out in a big way last year. If Reed's not the best skill player then it's DeSean Jackson, the best deep threat in the game. Pierre Garçon, Vernon Davis, Jamison Crowder, and top draft pick Josh Doctson round out what many analysts believe is one of the best pass-catching groups in the NFL.