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Bob Sanders Inspires Mariel Cooper Plus Lebron Vs. Steph

Redskins defensive back Mariel Cooper joins The Audible in their basement studio to discuss some Redskins topics around and between discussions about the NBA Finals, players that inspired him and the fight to make an NFL roster.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We have talked with Mariel Cooper about minicamp, the process of transitioning to the NFL and what it's like to fight for a spot in the league. On this segment of The Audible, we decided to use our basement time with Coop getting to know him a little better. We engaged in good old-fashioned sports talk--you know, making each other pick this player over that player or this team over that team. It is always fun to get the perspective of a guy who is eminently qualified to judge the athletic prowess of other athletes. You all love bullet points, so here are a few of the topics from the show:

  • Robert Mathis or Dwight Freeney
  • Edgerrin James vs Joseph Addai
  • Lebron James vs Steph Curry
  • We talked with Mariel about his roommate, Lloyd Carrington
  • Who do you root for when you grow up in South Carolina

As always, thanks for listening!