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Will the Redskins get a Color Rush uniform this year?

Another rumored Color Rush uniform has been reported for the Redskins

The NFL Color Rush uniforms have had mixed reactions from fans, with some loving the changes, and some wanting to stick to the traditional colors and look.  Last year, Redskins players wanted to wear the white on white combination that was last used in 2007. The idea was presented to owner Dan Snyder, and team President Bruce Allen last November. Snyder didn't have a problem with it, but Bruce Allen really, really loves the gold pants and denied the request.

Larry Michael, VP/Executive Producer of media, announced on "Redskins Nation" that the Redskins would not be wearing a Color Rush uniform this year. The reasoning was that the Redskins do no play a Thursday Night game this year. They play the Dallas Cowboys this year on Thanksgiving in a Thursday afternoon game.

This could obviously change, and there have already been changes to a rumored list of colors for this year's uniforms. In April, before the 2016 NFL schedule was released, a photo showed up on twitter along with a followup tweet saying the Redskins would be wearing Black Color Rush uniforms. This seemed like an odd choice for the franchise, which likely prompted the response from Larry Michael.  Bruce Allen is big on tradition with the Redskins, but did add this recently during a radio interview on ESPN 980: "We're real proud of our history," Allen said on Wednesday. "We're going to do some things this year that I think our fans are really going to like with the uniform."

Now, the same source is back with an updated color sheet showing a new color for the Washington Redskins, and other teams. This is obviously only a rumor, and nothing is official until it's official. According to this rumor, the Redskins will wear Maroon(ugh, it's Burgundy) uniforms, and the Cowboys will wear Navy colors. But will there be gold pants or a Burgundy on Burgundy combo ala 2008?

Do you approve of the rumored colors for this year, or do you want to see the white on white combination brought back?