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Hogs Haven Goes International

Hogs Haven is HUGE in Nottingham. One can only assume this is because we rob from the rich and give to the poor.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, we (Kevin, Tim and I...and the RealDealSeal) sat down and knocked out two Redskins segments in this supposed time of no news. Our standard weekly Hogs Haven segment covered the Sixpack of the Mondays comments section, and most of the topics covered within. For all you fans of bullet points:

  • The Sixpack comments section was a bit abbreviated this week, but still had plenty to chew on
  • Scummie's prediction request=honored
  • Scarlet_epiderm was likened to the settler from the cable commercials (where the family settles for cable TV)
  • AlmostLegit isn't even close to giving up on the story of the Redskins professional behavior
  • For the first time in years, I (Ken) have taken 10-6 off the table as an option for the 2016 Redskins. I just don't think our impending improvement is a one-game improvement kind of thing. If you look at some of the ways we lost in 2015, and if you think we are capable of eliminating many of those mental errors and mistakes, that should equate to more than just one more win. I argue that this is not a Kool-Aid line of thought, but you can decide for yourselves!
  • Kevin decides this is the week to expound on his "cuts the cheese" philosophical analogy.

Here is the audio:


We actually got on the horn with Sean Michael, our Senior English Affairs Correspondent, first thing last night. After all, he stayed up until 3 AM to talk to us! As this was an intro-level discussion to our man on the ground in England, the conversation got a little...English. For all of you who are overseas and follow Hogs Haven, I hope you like our first foray into international broadcasting! Please excuse me while I drop these bullet points:

  • The discussion went deep into some British culture, but always seemed to pivot back to football-related matters...I think this shines a light on the general weirdness surrounding the NFL in a foreign country.
  • Sean plays right tackle for Nottingham Trent at 6'0", 250 lbs. His bookend left tackle is a gigantic German player nicknamed "Blitzkrieg"
  • Nothing to report on the royal baby/Kate Middleton front (stay tuned)
  • Hogwarts is also quiet these days
  • Watching NFL games in England can be very challenging
  • If you are born and raised as a Redskins fan, get engaged to a Brit and move to England, is there anything better than waking up to find out the Redskins are coming to you?

Here's that segment:

Thanks for listening!