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Are You Willing To Foot The Bill For A New Redskins Stadium?

Go down the rabbit hole of how your tax dollars should be spent

In a recent interview with John Clayton on ESPN Radio in Seattle, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said he supports stopping tax dollars going toward funding NFL stadiums. It seemed Sherman was serious about this point though he was saying it in the context of if he were President (which seemed to be in jest). You can read more about his comments here.

The debate about where tax dollars go and specifically if they should go toward funding professional sports arenas is nothing new. But it could come to the forefront for Redskins fans sooner rather than later as a new Redskins stadium is imminent. None of us get to choose where are taxes are spent but if you could would you want your tax dollars spent on a new Redskins Stadium or should Dan Snyder foot the bill?

The final price tag for the new Redskins stadium won’t be known for years. Here is the breakdown of tax dollars vs owner funding for Century Link Field in Seattle. Deadspin reported that of the 430 million dollar price tag for that stadium 300 million of it was payed by taxpayers.

This is likely way to early to talk about such a thing considering a site (and most importantly state) has yet to be selected to put the new stadium. A “deal” would likely be worked out for funding such a construction between the organization and the state but Sherman's comments are interesting.

Let’s not forget new stadiums can be tricky lets not forget whats happened/happening with the Chargers and Raiders.

So the question of the day is whose responsibility is it to fund the construction of a new sports venue? The taxpayer who may be a die hard fan or not a fan of football at all or the owner whose a billionaire and you know. . .owns the team?