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How Lloyd Carrington Can Make An Impact On The 2016 Redskins

Hogshaven takes a look at Redskins that have a chance to impact the team.

Cal Poly v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Llyod Carrington, CB

School: Arizona State | Conference: PAC 12

Years Pro: R | Age: 23

Height / Weight : 5-10 / 190 lbs

Projected Redskins Status: Cut before the final 53

College Statistics

Player Overview

Carrington got a late start on football and has been learning the position ever since he originally committed to Pittsburgh. He transferred to Arizona State and this past season was expected to break out in a big way. It didn’t quite happen that way but Carrington was still a big contributor to the Sun Devils. One of the things Lloyd was criticized for was allowing too much separation in coverage, lacking interception totals, inconsistent tackling, and becoming grabby in coverage when he senses he’s getting beat. That said the Redskins are sure to see a few things they like in Carrington as he has been praised in OTA's thus far. A popular opinion on Carrington is that he still needs time to learn the nuances of the position he plays due to a late start playing football.

The positives are why he will stick around through the preseason and be a tough cut. He is very competitive, he has experience as a gunner on special teams, and isn't afraid to come up and make tackles in run support. With coaching Carrington could turn into a quality special team player in the NFL but I can’t see him making the final 53 at cornerback with Josh Norman, Bashaud Breeland, Quinton Dunbar, Kendall Fuller, and Greg Toler seemingly locks to make the team (the Redskins only kept 5 CBs on the roster last year).


  • Special teams experience
  • Great physical ability as a former basketball player
  • Competitive mindset
  • Willing to play aggressively in run support


  • Needs to working on fundamentals and fine points of footwork and angles as a cornerback
  • Has to learn to remain patient and close when the ball is in the air instead of panicking
  • Must learn to take better angles to avoid giving up big plays

Let's see his work:

How He Can Impact The Redskins

From what I’ve heard and seen Carrington has ben a pleasant surprise for the Redskins at OTA's. He’s made several plays and just needs to continue learning and being consistent in what he does. Carrington definitely has the positive traits you want out of your young undrafted players but if the Redskins decide they are only going to keep five cornerbacks as they did last year then Carrington’s road becomes increasingly tough as he would have to impress so much as to outperform Greg Toler or Quinton Dunbar for the final spot. I can't see it happening. Carrington's best shot to make the final 53 is to impress so much that the Redskins feel like they need to carry 6 cornerbacks this season. Even then he faces competition from Deshaun Phillips and Jeremy Harris.

It’s been mentioned that the Redskins quality of players have improved so much over just the last two seasons. Lloyd Carrington could have had a strong chance to make past Redskins rosters but not so anymore and that's a good thing for the team.