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Saturday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day!

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Kirk Cousins takes a greater ownership of the Redskins offense | ESPN Redskins blog

"You have permission now to take ownership. You know, as a backup or a guy competing for the spot, it doesn't get received real well to try and take ownership," Cousins said. "It looks like you are trying to jockey for the position and be one of those guys. ... As a starter you really can take ownership and it feels like it did back in college, when you were the starting quarterback and had the chance to really assert yourself.

Trent Murphy adds bulk, but must shed old instincts in switch to end | ESPN Redskins Blog

The transition will take time, considering Murphy has always played linebacker. There are nuances of the position to learn - reading blocking schemes differently and quicker; training your eyes on new keys. This is a long-term project, not a one-year, quick-fix hope.

Linebacker Su'a Cravens' role could be a factor in any defensive improvement | ESPN Redskins Blog

On why Cravens is at linebacker: He's at linebacker for a simple reason, it's where he fits best. Though he's listed as a safety, there is little about him that suggests he will spend a lot of time as a traditional safety. Rather, he might enter in a situation typically reserved for a safety -- but aligned in a linebacker spot. He was never someone who should be dropping into the deep middle of the field -- one NFL defensive back coach who scouted him said he should not play safety, but would excel as a linebacker in nickel/dime coverages.

Need to know: Quality of Redskins receiving corps could hinge on Josh Doctson's development | CSN MidAtlantic

Kirk Cousins is excited about Crowder's growth and Doctson's potential | CSN Mid-Atlantic

The challenge for Docston over the remaining seven OTA practices will be getting more comfortable with the playbook so he can hit the ground running in Richmond. The challenge for Cousins will be identifying Doctson's strengths and weaknesses, so he can develop the type of connection he already has with the other pass-catchers on the roster.