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Which Redskins Player Could Win American Ninja Warrior?

Which Redskins player could win American Ninja Warrior?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit that American Ninja Warrior is one of those shows that I have no idea when it airs--it just ends up on my DVR because my son loves watching it. I will sit with him to watch the athletes attempt the courses, and we will both make friendly wagers on whether or not they will make it to the end to press that button.

Since SB Nation has just added a new site for fans of this show, American Ninja Warrior Nation, I thought it might be fun to have a debate on which Redskins player would actually be able to win this competition. Most football players are not exactly built for such a feat, but there are clearly athletes in the league who could destroy this competition.

On Washington's roster, I would be looking at a beast of an athlete with a slightly smaller frame than say, Terrance Knighton. I'm thinking wide receiver, defensive back and maybe even kicker/punter, because of the builds on players at those positions. There is a lot of hand work, and a lot of balance and hanging from random obstacles. It takes the right blend of upper body strength without major bulk to be able to have the best chance to get through this competition.

I should say that I am far from an expert on how this would work, and there are plenty of candidates to argue for here. I am going to nominate a couple of players based almost entirely on size, but I invite you all to nominate guys based on a play you saw or a story you heard about these players that would lead you to believe they could win this show.

Here are my top three players I would bet on to do well on this show: Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson and Su'a Cravens. I think they are all beast athletes in their prime. They are all young players, which I am betting adds to flexibility and stamina.

No matter what our answers are, an NFL-only version of this competition could rake in the viewers. Maybe a Fans vs. Players show?

Better start limbering up, Scott (HogHunter). You're up.