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Saturday Slop: Top Redskins stories of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day!

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A closer look at the Redskins running game | Washington Post Redskins Blog

The primary concern for Jones is ball security. He fumbled the ball five times last year, with Washington only managing to recover it once. Football coaches constantly preach two phrases; ‘high and tight,' along with ‘five points of contact.' Both go hand in hand. Coaches want backs to keep five points of contact on the ball: finger, palm, forearm, bicep and chest. To keep the ball in contact with all five of those body parts, it has to be held high and tight, making it hard for defenders to knock it loose. But the common theme of Jones's fumbles is that he fails to maintain this technique.

Rookie Josh Doctson gets acclimated with Redskins' veterans and playbook | Washington Post Redskins Blog

The concepts are a bit different in the NFL. Doctson noticed the break in his routes are deeper than they were in college. He recalled running just one double move in the past four seasons. As Doctson quickly found out during offseason workouts and rookie minicamp, that won't be the case with the Redskins. As a result, Doctson hasn't been running full speed on his routes during this adjustment period.

Don't swap out Pierre Garcon for Josh Doctson just yet | ESPN Redskins Blog

Doctson will earn whatever time he gets behind these players. What I'm curious to see is how often they'd line up with all three on the field plus Jordan Reed. I know they like Jamison Crowder, but Jackson or Garcon can run routes from the slot, too, on occasion.

Redskins hope DL Matt Ioannidis can fill multiple roles | ESPN Redskins Blog

But Ioannidis will be an interesting one to watch. After he was drafted, the Redskins initially said he'd be an end in their base and a tackle in their nickel. However, general manager Scot McCloughan and others say he can play nose in their base formation. They only use that look about 20-25 percent of the time and others will play there, too, including Golston.

Redskins depth chart preview: Who starts at safety | CSN Midatlantic

Cravens? I'm not sure he should be classified as a safety. Yet, that is. If you believe Jay Gruden and Scot McCloughan, the rookie's official position is TBD—as in to be determined. Right now, he's lining up as an inside linebacker as the staff attempts to teach him the defensive playbook from the inside out.

OTA's to do list: How quickly can Doctson get up to speed? | CSN Midatlantic

Doctson recently admitted that he's practicing at about 75-80 speed as he picks up the playbook. He also acknowledged that he didn't run a double move in college, while the Redskins' offense features "a whole arsenal of double moves." So, yeah, Doctson's progress will be something to track over the next three months.