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Most Embarrassing Redskins Jersey To Own?

Which Redskins jersey is the most embarrassing one to own?

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

This week, the USA Today's For the Win section posted what they believed to be the most embarrassing jersey to own for every NFL team. I don't think anyone would be particularly surprised to learn that they picked Albert Haynesworth to represent the Redskins. There are many reasons why this answer has a ton of merit.

Still, it seemed like a very lazy pick. You know, like it seemed like the kind of decision that lacked effort, hustle, motivation and respect for other human beings. It was a very Haynesworthian pick.

For a national outlet, I can understand why they made the selection, and any true Redskins fan would likely not be caught dead in a Hayensworth jersey, but this choice is too cliche for my tastes. We have plenty of embarrassing jerseys to lay claim to, just as every NFL team does.

Taking Albert off the table, I would list Adam Archuleta, Heath Shuler, Jeff George and Deion Sanders as worthy contenders in my book. If being a quasi-worthless free agent defensive tackle was the only main criteria, you could throw in Dana Stubblefield.

Don't get me wrong--I am not suggesting that wearing a Haynesworth jersey is anything less than monumentally embarrassing. I am just saying that I am done even really thinking about him anymore.

For my money, the most embarrassing jersey for a Redskins fan to own and wear is the Deion Sanders jersey. Besides the fact that he was a rather famous Dallas Cowboy, he also straight-up quit on us because he couldn't handle a Marty Schottenheimer training camp (that is a true story). Good thinking by Dan Snyder to pay him the entirety of his signing bonus on day one! But come on...if you own a #21 Redskins jersey, there is only one name that should be on it:

"Taylor." That's it.

If you rock a #21 Sanders jersey, you should be beyond embarrassed--much more so than if you don a #92 Haynesworth jersey.

Have at it, y'all. This is as good of a Friday debate in the middle of May as we can get.