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Defending the NFC East: Washington Redskins' Biggest Concerns

Redskins fans believe their team will repeat as division champions, but what concerns do they have that could keep Washington from finishing on top?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I assume most people reading this today are of the mind that the Redskins will repeat as NFC East champions. Let's attack today's debate a little differently. Instead of going over and over all of the reasons why we are certain this team will repeat as champs, let's address some concerns. In the comments section below, let's talk about what has us worried.

I will put some possible options in the poll, but feel free to dance all over the map (yes, I did put "quarterback" in the poll, but only to make Tim Strachan happy).  After the year our division had last season, the truth is that there are more than just a handful of reasons why any of the NFC East squads would be better or worse than their 2015 versions.

For my money, the two biggest concerns I have are in the middle of our offensive line and at safety--in that order. I think there are numerous ways to suggest that each of these concerns could be solved in training camp, with quality upgrades potentially materializing out of the competition. I will leave safety alone for the moment, instead focusing on what would be my main concern, which is the the middle of our offensive line.

My desire to draft a center was...uhhh...well-documented, but don't think I am about to doubt McLovin. I feel confident he places value on having a strong, competent center, and we all continue to hear that Spencer Long is going to be given the chance to win the job. Whether he proves up to the task remains to be seen, and if he isn't, the Redskins have the Reed Doughty of centers ready to go: Kory Lichtenstieger (hat tip to ih8).

At left guard, the competition will be at least as fierce. I can't help but think that playing next to Trent Williams has to be beneficial, right? We simply MUST get better production out of that spot on the line. I am not going to throw out any names here--tell me who you think will win the starting left guard job!

Take it away...