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Spreading the Love with Our Own ih8dallas

This week, the boys at The Audible are joined by one of Hogs Haven's most beloved commenters, "ih8dallas," to discuss all matters sacred to Redskins fans.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Proving once again that The Audible is Hogs Haven's house show, we invited our very own ih8dallas (Chris) to talk about the offseason and pretty much anything else Chris wanted to get off his chest. As one of the most consistent voices on Hogs Haven, Chris is well-known by the readers here. His comments combine humor, reality and passion to elevate the discourse here on a daily basis. I realized a couple years ago that I would be a fool not to ask Chris to contribute as a writer, ensuring front page status for his signature "Hating with H8" in-season series.

You want smoking hot takes from a guy likely sitting in a rocking chair and drinking a clear liquid out of a mason jar somewhere in Durham? This is the show for you! (Kevin, Tim and I try to keep up, but sometimes you just get out of the way and let a man operate.)

Thanks for listening!