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Sunday Slop - Recapping NFL Draft

A collection of Redskins' stories around the web.

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Redskins stick to their board, find possible gems late - ESPN Redskins

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Redskins entered the draft hoping to add picks and continue finding good players -- even if they didn't fill an immediate need. They did add picks (next year) and the other half of the equation will be answered in the future.

Redskins hope Keith Marshall becomes explosive back - ESPN Redskins

ASHBURN, Virginia -- The Washington Redskins needed another running back as Matt Jones and Chris Thompson are the only ones on the roster with NFL experience. They will still consider re-signing Pierre Thomas now that the draft is over.

My take: Marshall provides the Redskins with something unique: speed. He ran the 40-yard dash in a combine-best 4.31 seconds. "There's no substitute for speed," Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. "Very explosive." Marshall said: "They said they're looking for a fast, explosive player and I can fit that role for them. I believe I'm an every down running back."

Steven Daniels could be fun to watch for Redskins - ESPN Redskins

ASHBURN, Virginia -- The Washington Redskins' first pick in the seventh round was linebacker Steven Daniels, who joins a group that will have decent competition to earn backup jobs.

My take: The Redskins continue to add players who were either captains or considered leaders, which is what Daniels was for Boston College's defense last season. Daniels gives them a player who could be fun watching develop over the next couple years; he's already considered a strong run defender and big-time hitter. If nothing else, he can provide help on special teams -- similar to what they hoped from last year's sixth-round linebacker Martrell Spaight.

Nate Sudfeld studied Kirk Cousins game, speech - ESPN Redskins

The Washington Redskins selected their first quarterback since drafting Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins in 2012, opting for Indiana's Nate Sudfeld in the sixth round. If Sudfeld develops he could be a solid backup or trade bait down the line.

Redskins make 7 selections, feel good about Draft - Washington Post

Washington Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan mentioned that he wanted 12 picks in this year's NFL Draft. He didn't come close to that. But the Redskins still looked ahead — just a bit farther ahead.

They entered with eight picks but ended up making seven selections over the past three days, collecting some assets that could help either immediately, in the form of prospects, or down the road, in the form of future selections.

Scot McCloughan's picks make you shake your head, then tip your hat - Washington Post

Welcome to the era of "What the hell?" team building.

That's often going to be your initial reaction to draft picks made by Washington Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan because, even though he preaches about selecting the best talent over the greatest need, the normal brain isn't built to think this way. You're programmed to set expectations based on a team achieving ideal roster balance — create strengths, eliminate weaknesses — but McCloughan comes from a very successful scouting tradition that adds a wrinkle to the approach.

Thanks to smart roster building, Redskins can let their draft picks develop slowly - Washington Post

For the first time in years, the Washington Redskins will enter a football season without a pressing need to fill a key position with an unproven rookie.

The team over the course of the last three days added to its ranks seven prospects at positions of varying levels of need.

How much have the Redskins improved - CSN Washington

Toughness, versatility key to 2016 Redskins Draft Class - CSN Washington

Undrafted Free Agents Tracker - NFLTradeRumors

Thoughts on the Redskins 2016 Draft Class -

Before I get into the actual picks one thing that surprised me and to me is somewhat clear is the fact that Scot McCloughan probably wasn't very high on the draft talent this year. While he stayed true to his word about only moving back and not forward, his trades were for future assets not extra picks this year. In fact McCloughan ended up essentially trading away a 4th round pick this year for a 4th and 5th next year (in addition to the extra 6th next year they picked up), reducing his number of selections in this class. Whether this was the right move or not remains to be seen, but it does strike me as a surprise.