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Best Offseason Move By Redskins So Far?

The Audible makes individual cases for the best move made so far this offseason by the Redskins front office.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In our weekly "Mad Minute" (working title) feature, we recorded three separate arguments for what we think is the best offseason move made by the far. There is a distinct "political ad" flavor to these brief entries, although to differing degrees.

We have decided that instead of having a vote about which one of ours you either like best or agree with, we would rather have this be more of a conversation starter. After all, this is actually a fun conversation to have and be a part of given the decisions being made by McLovin inside the building.

Tim, as you all know, is all in on the manner in which the team has handled the Kirk Cousins situation.

Kevin is more impressed with the kinds of moves that have NOT been made.

I tried to deliver an improvisational argument for the manner in which McLovin has treated the contracts of Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson.

There are at least two others I considered, so they must be sitting right out there in your minds as well. Where has McLovin gone right? Has he gone wrong at all?