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Redskins Seven-Round Mock Draft #2 (With Trade!)

The Redskins trade out of the first round... but add picks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're just over three weeks away from the 2016 NFL Draft!  For my second mock draft, I've decided to include a trade.  Scot McCloughan has stated on more than one occasion his desire to trade down in the draft to accumulate more picks (with a stated goal of 12 picks).  Last year he took our original seven picks and turned them into 10.  For this scenario, I've decided to use a trade idea floated by Redskins Blogger Rich Tandler in which the Redskins trade out of the first round altogether... but turn their eight picks into nine.

In Rich's scenario, the 49ers are sitting at #37 and desperately want to trade up to #21 for a QB.  The trade would look like this:

  • Redskins get: #37 (2nd), #68 (3rd), and #145 (5th)
  • 49ers get: #21 (1st) and #242 (7th)

That would leave the Redskins with no first-round pick, but nine in total (with two 2nds, two 3rds, and two 5ths).  I think this would be a pretty good trade for the Redskins and it's something I could see Scot doing.  Let's take a look at a possible mock with our nine post-trade picks:

Round 2, Pick #37 Overall

Kenny Clark, DL, UCLA (6'3", 314 lbs.)

Clark's a guy who has the versatility to line up and play anywhere on the Redskins DL in their base 3-4 front.  He was a HS wrestling champ who has crazy power and knows the importance (and uses) of leverage very well.  He's good in the run game and can anchor against double-teams.  Could compete for our starting NT job from day one.  He's a guy who hustles... and you know Scot will love that.  May have to start as a two-down player, but definitely has the potential to play all three downs.

Round 2, Pick #53 Overall

Jeremy Cash, S, Duke (6', 212 lbs.)

A transfer from Ohio St., Cash has posted three 100-tackle seasons in a row.  He was the Defensive Player of the Year in the ACC last year.  He has some of the best size and tackling ability/technique you'll see in a DB.  And he's versatile...  He can line up near the LoS.  He can play nickel CB.  He can play SS.  He can play a little LB.  He can cover.  He can anticipate.  He likes to play the run.  He's violent.  Tell me those aren't traits McCloughan values.

Round 3, Pick #68 Overall

Jalen Mills, DB, LSU (6', 191 lbs.)

LSU is basically a DB factory over the past decade and Mills continues the rich tradition.  The guy is lightning quick and fast with rare acceleration.  He's fluid, can flip his hips well, and is incredibly quick when changing direction.  He plays with great balance and is great at making plays on the ball.  Is very good in space and has the versatility to play FS, nickel CB, and/or outside CB.  Also known as a team leader.  What's more, he's got a lot of special teams experience and could help out there immediately as a gunner.  A worker.  Comes with a little off-the-field baggage, but has athleticism, quickness, and aggression to spare.

Round 3, Pick #84 Overall

Dominique Alexander, ILB, Oklahoma (6', 232 lbs.)

The Redskins have been looking for a quick, cover ILB.  Alexander fits the bill.  He has elite athleticism and could even stay on the field in obvious passing situations and cover some slot WRs.  This is the cover ILB we've been waiting for.  RBs and TEs don't stand a chance.

Round 4, Pick #120 Overall

C.J. Prosise, RB, Notre Dame (6', 220 lbs.)

You want to talk about athleticism?  Prosise is a guy who has played a ton of S and WR.  In fact, he hadn't even played RB until just this past year.  So what did he do?  Just run for over 1,000 yards (with a 6.6 ypc) and 11 TDs.  That's God-given ability and talent.  He's got the size and strength to get yards through/after contact and the demeanor of a guy who just refuses to be tackled.  He's excellent at using his blockers (a bit Alfred Morris-esqe in that regard) and has outstanding vision to find the hole quickly.  He's patient and yet has immense speed.  Can hit the HR and is faster than most DBs.  I don't know what more we'd be looking for in a back to compliment Matt Jones than a guy who has this kind of incredible combination of size/strength and speed.  Oh yeah, and he's a great receiver and good on special teams (ND's Special Teams Player of the Year in '14), too.

Round 5, Pick #145 Overall

Max Tuerk, OL, Southern California (6'5", 298 lbs.)

Cameron Erving 2.0.  Like Erving, Tuerk has very light feet and long arms.  He's also similarly versatile.  Tuerk started 38 collegiate games with 18 coming at C, 14 coming at LG, five coming at LT, and one coming at RT.  Even though he has all that versatility and experience, he's best at C (also like Erving).  Had it not been for a torn ACL in October, he probably would have been a second or third-round pick.  He has the frame and athleticism of a OT/TE, but plays with exceptional leverage and balance that allows him to anchor the middle.  He has more quickness and agility than you'll find in a typical C which allows him to effectively pull and play at the second level.  He can come in and play anywhere on the OL that the Redskins need.

Round 5, Pick #158 Overall

Ben Braunecker, TE, Harvard (6'3", 250 lbs.)

A team captain for an Ivy League school who also happened to be their leading receiver and a very good blocker.  He has the speed, length, and size that give him prototypical TE tools.  He catches very well, runs good routes, has good athleticism, and plays with great toughness and power.  Excels against zone and man defenses.  He's also a very solid blocker and has great size and strength to continue that at the next level.

Round 6, Pick #187 Overall

Brandon Shell, OT, South Carolina (6'5", 324 lbs.)

This guy has the prototypical frame for either OT spots in the league.  He's huge.  And despite that massive size, he's pretty quick.  That size combined with great patience and arm length help him excel in pass protection.  He has kind of a bad habit from what I've seen of letting defenders make first contact, but at his size, he can almost do that and still control the defender.  Just needs to work on his balance.  You can't teach that size and quickness, though...  Very hard for edge rushers to get around him.

Round 7, Pick #232 Overall

Cody Kessler, QB, Southern California (6'1", 220 lbs.)

Doesn't quite have the size or arm strength, but then again, that's why he'd be a seventh-round pick.  Still, he had a very productive collegiate career that belies his physical limitations.  I think putting up huge college numbers counts for something, especially in a solid D-I conference (something Scot prefers) like Kessler was in.  He played in a pro-style offense and has a lot of experience making the NFL throws.  He plays with great patience and has a very good ability to go progress through his reads.  Releases the ball very quickly and plays with great anticipation and pocket awareness.  He's very good at moving around in the pocket, too.  Constantly aware of his immediate surroundings.  Does a very good job keeping his eyes downfield even when he's in trouble and defenders are approaching.  Does a great job throwing on the run and is very effective making plays outside of the pocket when things break down or on roll-outs.  Has average athleticism but is a competitor and a leader.  Voted a team captain by his teammates.  He's not exciting, but he could very well find a place as a backup in the NFL.