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Master Debating: Greatest Final Play in a Redskins Victory

After watching Villanova hit a buzzer-beating game-winner in the national championship, it made us wonder: what was the best game-winning play in a Redskins victory?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Alright, I went baseball-heavy yesterday (and the Nats won), so I feel obligated to try and loop in that amazing national championship into our daily discussion. Today's master debating topic is simple: what was the greatest final play in a Redskins win? For overtime games, it is simple, since scoring plays typically end the contest. In regulation wins, I think we can bend the rules ever slightly. Inside the final minute, a play that won the game but may not have technically been the last play should be acceptable.

For example, I just recently wrote about (again) the Troy Vincent-blocked field goal against the Cowboys that landed in Sean Taylor's hands at the end of that game. He drew a facemask penalty and Nick Novak put the game away with a field goal with literally zero time left on the clock.

That one is going to be hard to beat, but just writing that made me think of at least two other times. I don't want top just list them all, because Chris, Greg and Scott all like to think of their own thoughts (and feel their own feelings).

What a game last night...what a finish.

To all those Redskins fans out there who went to Villanova--including a certain Mikey P. currently calling Portland, Oregon his home--congratulations. You deserve to keep on celebrating.