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It's Happening Again: Everybody's Stealing Our Defenders

Day 2 of the NFL Draft is being dominated by defensive players, of which the Redskins would love to add some.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Early in the second round, defensive linemen and linebackers were flying off the board, which limited the Redskins' options in the front seven at No. 53. Five of the first six players taken Friday night were either defensive linemen or linebackers, as were 11 of the first 15 selected. It likely played a part in GM Scot McCloughan's decision to stay put at No. 53 instead of trading back.

As the second round transitioned to the third, we saw a huge run on defensive backs. Six of eight picks in a row were defensive backs, with only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (K Roberto Aguayo, No. 59) and the Denver Broncos (DT Adam Gotsis, No. 63) bucking the trend. Then eight of the first nine picks in the third round were defenders.

The Redskins desperately need help at safety, and they'd probably like to add another young cornerback. There are still quality options available, such as Kendall Fuller of Virginia Tech, and the Redskins have plenty of other needs, but it's obnoxious that the two major positional runs so far have been in areas of need for Washington.

Scott McCloughan appears to be on his way to acing his second draft in a row in Washington, and the Redskins have needs in a lot of places, so confidence is high.

But if five or six teams would just go the way of the Bucs and draft a kicker, that would be swell. Or tight end. The Redskins don't really need any of those.