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Kirk Cousins and Bryce Harper Set to Compete for King of DC for Years to Come

What do Trent Murphy, Josh Norman, Kirk Cousins and Bryce Harper all have in common? Tune in to The Audible to find out.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a matter of time before we hit on the issue that would pit Kevin against Tim on The Audible. These two have been arguing about topics like this for almost 30 years, so if you hear some frustration, it comes honestly. The idea that a dominant Bryce Harper wouldn't reign supreme over every single other sports personality in D.C. causes Kevin to rock the his face. Ken and Tim believe that a Super Bowl MVP Kirk Cousins would rule the roost over any other candidate--including the mercurial NL MVP.

Before we even got there, I enjoyed our discussion on Trent Murphy and of course the banter involving Josh Norman, and what he needs to do for fans to call his signing "worth it."

Thanks to all the commenters who provided ideas and answers to these topics.

We don't always go this long, but when we do, we prefer Dos Equis we get after each other. Thanks for listening, and thanks for being part of the conversation.