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The District Does The Draft w/Pierre Garcon @ SpinFire Pizza

Come and join us this Thursday for a Draft Party @ SpinFire Pizza in Rosslyn, VA

The District will be coming to you at a special time this week. We will be covering the first hour of the NFL draft with Redskins' WR, Pierre Garcon, beginning at 8PM. The show will be on-location at SpinFire Pizza in Rosslyn, VA this Thursday. Come on down and join us. Pierre will be there. We will be there. There may be other Redskins there, as well. And if that isn't cool enough, Pierre is offering a $20.16 special for the evening which includes one large pizza + SpinFire's new chicken wings.

Spinfire Pizza is located at 1501 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Va., 22209. The phone number is 703.243.3000. Take a look at the menu at The party starts at 6PM, the show starts at 8PM. As usual, The District will be streaming live on HogsHaven, as well as

Hope we see you there!