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Hogs Haven's Aaron Lesher Delivers Mid-Round Offensive Skill Players

Everyone focuses on the top of the draft, but Aaron Lesher knows just the kind of offensive skill players the Redskins need in the meaty middle rounds.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Aaron--or Ay-Ay-Ron to his friends--stopped by The Audible last night to discuss the draft. What happened next was...well, you guess it: we talked about the draft.

Thanks to Aaron for joining us in the basement studio (different basement, same smell), and we look forward to him joining us again soon. Now that our, I intend to load up on Hogs Haven writers for Audible segments. Have you not heard ih8 drop a hot take...LIVE??? Well you're going to, and it could land us all in jail, though hopefully it doesn't.

The theme of our Ay-Ay-Ron discussion was middle round offensive skill players. Who is McLovin targeting and why? Who can we possibly draft in the 6th round and expect production from immediately? Aaron has the answer!

Thanks for listening!